The Top of SoCal

Posted by Demetri Coupounas on

I suppose I have the Marine Corps to thank for my love of hiking and the basic understanding of the principles of backpacking. Having been a true civilian now for almost 2 years, I felt the urge for a challenge in the outdoors, something to push me out of my zone of comfort I had developed. Well, I found it when I backpacked Mt. San Gorgonio a few weeks back! My new light gear enabled me to focus on the task at hand and not a heavy load on my back. My new Backpack Light 70 held my kit, fit perfect, and was comfortable. My 700 down jacket kept me warm at 11,503 feet (considering I live at sea level, it was a big change). My gear helped me on my quest to best SoCal's tallest, and now I'm eagerly planning my next adventure!

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