The EST Gear Survival Shovel: The Best Tactical Shovel Money Can Buy

The EST Gear Survival Shovel Review

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Multi shovel survival tools are irreplaceable and of the utmost importance in most really serious survival and emergency situations. This is due largely to the fact that there is just simply no way you can conveniently pack a bunch of the most necessary full-size survival, emergency, and camping tools into your bug out bag, truck, everyday use bag, or on the hiking trail.

There are simply way too many crucial and lifesaving tools that you would have to leave out or behind to have enough room in most bags.

Most tools individually would also be simply way too heavy and would seriously weigh you down on any long walk or hike, which would hinder their effectiveness.

What is The EST Gear Survival Shovel?

This is why we made it our goal as a team this year to find and test out all of the best multitools currently out there on the market. We tested many different types and brands of camping gear and survival tools.

The EST Gear Survival Shovel, made by EST Gear (, really hits the mark and is the shovel multi tool that we recommend the most highly for staying safe and being prepared. We think it could be lifesaving for a great many people as well as useful enough to be used on a pretty regular basis if kept on hand. You really get your money’s worth with this shovel.

What is EST Gear
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The EST Gear Survival Shovel has outperformed every other multitool survival shovel we tested by a mile. It was really simple to assemble, took up very little room, and it was also lightweight and very easy to carry around. But before we discuss what makes the EST Gear Survival Shovel so great, let us first briefly talk about what it was that we were looking for in a camping and survival shovel before we came to this conclusion.

The ideal and most useful camping and survival tools must be compact enough to be easily carried everywhere you go, and rugged enough to thrive in very harsh and very unpredictable environments and situations. If a shovel is so poorly made that it degrades quickly in most environments, it is practically useless. This means the shovels need to be tested more than once, which is exactly what we decided to do for this experiment. We tested each survival shovel over and over again in many different environments and extreme situations.

Because, My Trail tested all of the shovels in every season and on a multitude of different terrains, we learned that versatility is your biggest and most important asset when it comes to being prepared. It is important to know that investing in a very high-quality, military-grade folding shovel like The EST Gear Survival Shovel is key to staying safe and having a nice and enjoyable outdoor trip.

Not all survival shovels are made equally, however, and the difference is hugely important if you are looking for a really powerful tool that can actually keep you safe in most of the most common emergency situations. Cheap shovels will often break after a few uses, and many of their tools are useless and incapable of doing the job you most need them for. It can be very hard to tell what is actually worth your while unless you test each tool, roughly and over a long period of time, as we set out to do.

To make things easier for you as consumers, we tested many shovels out for you; and after testing over 20 of the most popular camping and survival shovels in a variety of different situations, we have found only one shovel that completely bests them all in versatility, performance, and durability.

The EST Survival Shovel (Amazon affiliate link) really is the ultimate survival tool. While other survival tools seem to sacrifice build quality and durability in the interest of keeping the production costs low, this tactical shovel takes no such short-cuts. Clearly designed for rough use and being made with a hardened steel-reinforced shovel head, every tool of this multitool is very meticulously crafted and very easy to use and access quickly. It is also important to note that each tool, when tested individually, worked just as well (and oftentimes much, much better) than the individual standalone tools we had on hand in a side-by-side and thorough comparison test.

This extremely powerful entrenching shovel multitool contains many very important survival and camping tools including (of course) a shovel, a saw, camping axe, knife, hunting spear, bottle opener, fire starter, hoe, wire-cutter, trowel, hexagon wrenches, nail puller, ice pick, ruler, hook, waterproof storage, fish-scaler, screw driver, whistle, compass, and rope cutter.

While some of these tools might seem to only be designed for camping and outdoor adventure purposes, a great many of these tools are actually very awesome day-to-day tools that are great and super useful just to have on hand.

We highly recommend that a tool like this shovel be kept in your car, truck or bag at all times because you would be surprised at how many times it can get you out of a precarious situation, as it did for our team on multiple occasions.

The EST Gear Survival Shovel has been such an awesome addition to our survival kit, and we are positive that it will be just as helpful to you. When we put it to the test over these past few months, it was the only survival shovel multitool that held up time and time again. have even used The EST Survival Shovel a countless number of times (even long after we finished up testing it) when the team was put in many various and unexpected situations and minor emergencies. We highly recommend that you order this survival shovel before you go on next big outdoor summer adventure because it is not just a life-saving tool, it’s also incredibly handy, super-fun, and easy to use.

My Trail Company could all use a little more time outdoors these days, and the EST Gear Survival Shovel is a great way to ensure you get some sunshine and stay completely safe.

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