Find Great Outdoor Outfits For This Summer Before Everybody Else

how to find great outdoor outfits for this summer before everybody else

With summer right around the corner, everyone is starting to think about their summer wardrobe. All the jumpers that are stuffed on top of the summery shirts and shorts are now making their way to the back of the wardrobe. With the temperature changing, you might fancy getting yourself some new summer attire to keep up with the latest trends and to keep you looking fresh.

Here are 6 ways to find great outdoor outfits for summer before everybody else!

Research the Trends

Trends are changing all the time and you want to make sure that the new outdoor outfits you are getting are going to be up-to-date and damn right fashionable. One way to do this is to keep an eye out for the latest trends. Researching in this sense does not mean picking up a book or reading a thesis, what it actually means is picking up some magazines and doing some snooping on popular influencers on social media.

Consider this a fun type of homework as you get to scroll through Instagram and learn all at the same time. Following top fashion influencers on social media is the best way to sense what trends are popping up, so make sure you pay attention to what’s being posted online.

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Use Vouchers and Coupons

Sadly, most of us do not have the funds to spend endless money on new clothes! However, there are ways to shop on a budget and still get what you want by using vouchers and coupons. With these, you can get some killer discounts on some hot items! If you are after some good coupons there are more available here and that will give you a great head start on getting the best outfits before everybody else does. This is called smart shopping, as not only do you get to be the trendsetter, but you also get to do it on a budget.

Turn Old Outfits Into New Ones

You do not have to go out and buy yourself a whole new wardrobe just as summer arrives. While it is nice to get some new clothes, you can also be practical and turn some of your older outfits into new ones. You might be wondering how that can be done, but the reality is that it is quite simple. With a few adjustments here and there your old pair of shorts can feel completely new.

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First things first: you need to give some of the items of clothes a deep clean, as a lot of them will have been buried in the depths of your cupboards and drawers. Once you have done that, pick an item – for instance, a pair of shorts – and get creative with adjustments. You could do some stitch work on some denim shorts and use a bright colour to make them stand out.

Alternatively, patchwork will always look cool, so if you have a hole in a pair of jeans, pick out your favourite fabric or a piece of an old stylish shirt and sew it onto them. Then just like that, you have yourself a new piece of clothing that is twice as stylish as it was before.

Check Out Second Hand Sellers

Another way to find great outdoor outfits while shopping on a budget is to check out second-hand sellers. For example, apps such as Depop, Facebook MarketPlace, and Gumtree are all great places to find hidden gems. Alternatively, there are plenty of vintage and second-hand shops you can go and visit in person too if you prefer that way of shopping.

The key thing to remember is that often trends will repeat themselves, so finding good stuff in second-hand shops is actually pretty easy. What can sometimes be difficult is finding it in the right size, but do not be disheartened if you can’t find it at first as it might take some digging around. 

If you are paying attention to the trends going around online, then you can use this information early on and get to the shops before everyone else catches on. This gives you a better chance at getting the better outfits at better prices, so stay vigilant and alert!

Get Creative With Accessories

accessorize outfits with jewelry rings

The right accessory can make your outfit go from a 3 to a 10. So it pays off to also turn your attention to how you are using accessories and what new ones you want to buy. Something versatile can be used again and again, which is great, but sometimes you will want that one special accessory that gets used on more special occasions to blow people’s minds.

If you are working with a stricter budget, then experimenting with your use of accessories can give older clothes a newer feel. Jewellery will always have the power to dress up an outfit, so consider using necklaces, bracelets, and rings to vamp up a more ordinary outfit. The jewellery doesn’t have to be high-end stuff, but instead more like your standard high-street quality items.

Clothes Swap

Doing a clothes swap with family and friends is a great way to freshen up your wardrobe without having to spend a penny! Do not be afraid to dig through your parent’s old clothes ,because trends come in and out of fashion all of the time. That shirt your dad has kept onto for 20 years might have been uncool at one point in your life,but it might now be considered vintage and edgy.

This is another way to ensure that you get in there first with the best summer outfits as you will have found original vintage clothing that nobody else will be able to get their hands on. Swapping clothes with your friends is always fun and you are likely to find something that you have been dying to wear for ages now.


Staying on top of the fashion game is not always easy, but it is always worth it once you show up in that amazing outfit that everyone can’t stop complimenting. Summer is approaching fast and if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready!

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