A How-To Guide to Creating a Backyard BBQ Area

how-to guide to creating a backyard BBQ area

Creating an outdoor living area is a great way to enjoy the warmer months. By adding a few simple touches, you can turn your backyard into a comfortable oasis where you can relax and entertain guests. Here are a few tips to get you started with creating a backyard BBQ area.

Consider Adding An Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular and can be a great addition to your outdoor living area. An outdoor kitchen allows you to cook outdoors and entertain without having to constantly come in and out of the house. You could also add a pizza oven or smoker for delicious meals that everyone will love. Plus, outdoor kitchens come in a variety of styles and finishes to match any design aesthetic. There are portable, pre-fabricated options available or you can get creative and make your own.

While considering an outdoor kitchen, you must also consider the grease that will build up on your trap. If your grease trap becomes excessively full, the oil will begin spilling out of the primary compartment into the second one. This will soon lead to clogs in the lines leading into and out of the grease trap. It will also restrict the flow of water through the system. Pumping a grease trap regularly is essential to protect your septic system from damage. You can check on the services available for grease traps to ensure the proper disposal of the waste in your outdoor kitchen.

Think About Furniture

You want the furniture you choose to both look good and be comfortable. Consider how you will use the outdoor living area furniture, who will be using it, and what kind of activities you want to do in that space. You may choose to have a set for dining or relaxing or even both. Do research into different types of furniture materials and styles that can withstand outdoor elements like rain, sun, and wind. You’ll also want to consider seating height and the size of your outdoor area in order to choose furniture that fits well. 

Make sure you have enough chairs or couches for everyone who may be using them regularly. Once you’ve found pieces you like, purchase cushions and pillows to make them even more comfortable. Add in throws, rugs, and umbrellas to make the space feel like an oasis. 

Choose The Right BBQ Grill

creating a backyard BBQ area choose the right barbecue grill

When designing your outdoor living area, selecting the right BBQ grill is key for a great culinary experience outdoors. Make sure you choose one that meets your needs based on size, style, and features:

  • Size: A good rule of thumb is to select a BBQ grill based on the number of people you will typically be feeding. This can range from a small tabletop model to a large gas grill, depending on your needs.
  • Style: There are several types of BBQ grills to choose from, such as charcoal, electric, or gas grills. Charcoal is great for that classic smokey flavor but requires more effort and time to maintain the temperature during cooking. Gas grills are the most popular for their convenience, user-friendly setup, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Features: When shopping for BBQ grills, look at features like built-in temperature gauges, shelves, or side burners that help with meal prep, as well as grease trays. Also, consider accessories such as covers to protect your grill from the elements, as well as tool sets for easy grilling.

By considering size, style, and features, you can find the perfect BBQ grill to create an outdoor living area that’s both enjoyable and functional. With the right grill, you can cook up delicious meals with your family or entertain guests in style!

Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your outdoor living area. If you’re looking for an easy way to boost curb appeal, give your yard a warm, welcoming glow with the addition of well-placed exterior lights.

Start by investing in quality outdoor lights that are designed for long-term use. Incandescent bulbs, LED lights, and solar-powered lanterns are all great options. Look for features like water resistance, adjustable brightness, motion sensors, and long battery life when shopping around different outdoor lighting fixtures.

Next, decide on a design that suits the look and feel of your home. Popular designs include wall sconces, post lanterns, and string lights. For a more modern look, consider installing spotlights or uplights on trees and architectural features like columns or fences.

Finally, determine the best positioning for your outdoor lighting fixtures. Make sure to light up pathways and doorways so visitors will be able to safely navigate your space at night. You can also add garden lights around plants and trees to create a soft, magical atmosphere in your outdoor living area.

Do Some Landscaping

Before you move any furniture into your outdoor living area, it’s important to get the landscaping in order. This means cleaning up any existing foliage, adding new plants and flowers, and creating areas where you can enjoy different activities. When choosing plants for your space, consider what thrives best in your climate and how much maintenance each will require. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of options, start small with a few basic flowers and plants.

Walls And Fencing

When creating an outdoor living area, it’s also important to think about bringing in elements such as walls, fencing, and privacy screens. These features will help create a sense of enclosure and make it easier to design the space according to your own tastes.

For instance, a wall can be used to separate the area from the rest of your yard, while fencing can provide privacy and security. Privacy screens are also great for blocking out views from neighboring homes or businesses. Consider using materials like wood, composite panels, lattice, or metal for these features.

Awnings And Pergolas

Awnings and pergolas are great for providing shade and protection from the elements in your outdoor living area. These structures can also be used to create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. Look for sturdy materials such as aluminum or steel that won’t rust over time, and make sure to check local building codes before starting any construction. This will ensure that your awning or pergola is up to code and safe for use.

outdoor area with BBQ grill pergola lights


In conclusion, creating a beautiful outdoor living area requires careful planning and consideration. Start by choosing the right BBQ grill, upgrade your lighting, do some landscaping, bring in walls and fencing for privacy, and consider adding awnings or pergolas.

With these tips, you’ll have an attractive and functional area that you can enjoy for years to come. By following these steps, you can transform your outdoor space into a peaceful retreat that’s perfect for entertaining family and friends. So go ahead and start creating the outdoor living area of your dreams!

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