How to Turn Your Car into a Mini Sanctuary

how to turn your car into a mini sanctuary

There is no reason why you couldn’t turn your car into a mini sanctuary and create a zen and peaceful space if you spend endless hours on the road, whether for work or on road trips.

While car owners can modify their cars, if you have a car lease, you are restricted from making long-term changes. Don’t let that stop you; read on for lease-friendly tips on turning your leased car into a mini sanctuary for safety and comfort.

Add an Inflatable Car Mattress

Adding an inflatable car mattress on your backseat allows you to take some time out when you are on the road for a long time or if you need time to yourself. A car mattress is perfect for families with young children, camping, or even taking out on fishing trips.

People who travel for work benefit considerably from inflatable car sleeping pads. Your safety and the safety of other road users are at risk if you fall asleep behind the wheel. Taking a nap or sleeping in your car is safer than pushing to make it to your destination.

Relax Your Senses with an Essential Oil Diffuser

A vent diffuser is ideal if you want to experience a little aromatherapy with plenty of benefits. Some benefits you can experience are as follows:

  • Aromatherapy is known for positively influencing your mood. Use rose oil to relax the mind, ylang-ylang to soothe a headache, or chamomile to reduce anxiety. 
  • The soothing scents of aromatherapy are well-known for alleviating sadness and stress and can keep you calm when you experience tension on the road.
  • Pure essential oils also act as natural air purifiers, cleansing the air as you drive.

An essential oil diffuser easily clips onto your car’s air vents. Whether you want a little relaxation or to relieve the stresses of the day, you will find a calming and relaxing scent to satisfy your needs.

essential oil diffuser in car

Block Out Harsh Sunlight

Sun shades made from mesh may not look like much, but there are clear benefits to adding them to your car’s windows. When temperatures are soaring outside, nothing is worse than touching a hot steering wheel or sitting on hot leather.  

Adding a mesh UV sunshade can already go a long way to help keep your car’s interior cool, protect your electronics, prevent UV damage to the interior, and protect your skin from being burned.

Add a Steering Wheel Tray

A steering wheel tray is a multipurpose tray that acts as an ergonomic workstation or even a shelf for one. Since the multipurpose attaches easily to the steering wheel, you do not need to be reminded not to use the tray while driving. It’s especially not a good idea in a self-driving car! At a rest stop, for instance, it can be used for working on a laptop or notebook or when you stop for a bite to eat.

Become Organised

Keeping your car tidy and organised is so simple with centre console organisers. They also make a great safety feature keeping everything you need within reach while driving.

You could cause an avoidable accident if you look away for a moment while rummaging around the centre console. With console organisers, you can maintain your car’s order and avoid accidents while driving.

There are various console organisers to suit every car make and model.

Warm Up with a Heating Blanket

Plug-in car blankets are ideal for the winter months. A car blanket can keep you comfortable if you get cold when you drive, and they are convenient when stuck in traffic or when your car breaks down in the snow and you have to wait for help to arrive.

If your partner prefers cooler temperatures and you prefer being warm and toasty, there is no need for the other spouse to sleep on the couch when your needs are met with the plug-in blanket. There will be no more back-and-forth arguing about the perfect car temperature.

An added benefit of a plug-in car blanket is that it helps soothe tight muscles. Wrap the blanket around your shoulders or back to relieve any discomfort and pain from driving long distances.

Car blankets have an automatic shut-off safety feature. If the temperature of your car becomes too hot, it automatically shuts down to prevent damaging your interior or burning your skin.

car camping

Final Thoughts

Your car can be transformed into a mini sanctuary with various products and accessories available today. You can use all of the tips and hacks shared above to turn your car into a mini sanctuary even if it’s leased, and can transfer the items to your next vehicle when it’s time to upgrade.

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