How to Travel and Work-Out to Stay Healthy and Happy

how to travel and work-out to stay healthy and happy

We all know that being healthy is important. But with so many people traveling often, it can be hard to stay on top of your fitness goals while you’re away from home. This article will share some tips and tricks that are easy to implement to maintain a positive mindset and stay in shape when you’re on the road.

1. Try SUP Yoga

Traveling in locations with beaches and great weather is awesome. But, it’s not always possible for many people to travel and work out simultaneously, or they might be stuck in a situation where there isn’t access to good equipment like yoga mats and weights (how depressing).

SUP yoga is a great way to stay active (and de-stress) when you are traveling. All that is needed of you is to get a stable paddle board and a good yoga mat. A review of the best boards can help narrow down your search. The amazing thing about SUP yoga is that you can find a location to do it almost anywhere.

SUP yoga is also great because you never have to worry about finding weights or mats. They are all included in the experience!

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try SUP yoga to stay fit on holiday

2. Make Use of Hotel Fitness Facilities

Most hotels these days have fitness facilities available to their guests, and you’d be surprised at how much they can help your workout routine. Suppose you’re staying for a long period. In that case, it might become inconvenient (you’ll start taking the equipment home with you) but even just having access to basic weights and cardio machines is enough to keep yourself entertained while on the go. Just make sure that the hotel has what you need before checking in to avoid wasting any time!

3. Take a Walk

While exploring the new city you are now staying in, take every chance to go on walks. It’s the easiest way to see all of the places you have yet to discover! If a path or trail nearby looks inviting, head down it with your camera phone at the ready for some Instagram-worthy shots!

If you want something more intensive, find yourself an outdoor gym near where you live and start working out while watching the world go by around you. Not only will this help fight off any feelings of being cooped up inside all day, but it gives your muscles a workout too, which is always beneficial whether traveling through Europe or not.

When taking walks, ensure that the area is secure and safe for you to do so. If it is not, find somewhere else that will be!

girls walking on Brooklyn Bridge New York

4. Make Use of Online Fitness Classes

With the advancements in tech and video sharing platforms, almost everybody has access to free streaming services. With these, you can take your favorite classes with world-class instructors from the comfort of your living room! This is a great option if you are not attending group fitness sessions or prefer working out at home. Online fitness classes are perfect if they come in handy as you won’t have to mess with your schedule. You can engage in the activity at any time and anywhere.

Best of all, you can access these for free or at a minimal cost! You will even be able to meet like-minded people who share your passion. Classes are available on sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and many more, so check around before committing yourself to any platform.

5. Get Good Sleep

While the primary goal is to keep fit while exploring the new destination, you should also care about your sleeping pattern. Make sure that you sleep for at least six hours on the days when you are not traveling. It will help to avoid fatigue, stress, and depression during your trip.

To get enough sleep time, it’s advisable to create a comfortable sleep environment. You can use earplugs or eye masks to block out light and sound while sleeping.

If you wake up in the middle of the night, don’t get upset; go back to sleep again using relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises or meditation music.

6. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water may seem like one of the most boring ways to stay healthy, but it is crucial.

You should always carry a water bottle with you and make sure your body stays hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses per day. If you feel tired or sluggish throughout the day, this could be because you’re not staying properly hydrated.

Drinking enough fluids can help energize your metabolism and boost energy levels in general, which will allow for more chances to work out during the trip if desired! Not only does being dehydrated affect how quickly we lose weight on our journeys, but it also affects our moods. Many of us feel irritable and tired when we are dehydrated, so staying hydrated helps keep our moods stable.

For those of you trying to lose weight, staying hydrated can help speed up your metabolism because water helps flush out toxins in the body that would otherwise slow down fat burning.

7. Eat Healthily

What you eat is important when exercising, but it’s also very important if you are traveling. You need to eat good food, so your body is healthy and has enough energy for the day ahead.

When in a new place, there is always the temptation of eating almost everything you come across. This is especially true if you are not used to the food, and it looks and smells delicious. It would be best to try new things, but be careful with what you eat, as some foods might not suit your body or health needs.

Your diet should mainly consist of fruits, vegetables, whole grains (not processed), lean protein such as fish and chicken breast, low-fat dairy products like milk or yogurt, and healthy fats such as avocado oil. If possible, avoid sugar because this will make your energy levels fluctuate throughout the day.

Where that’s convenient, you can prepare your food and if you are eating out, make sure the restaurant has healthy options.

You can also try making smoothies or juices with fruits and vegetables to drink them instead of sugary drinks like soda. Juices should only contain fruit and not be mixed with sugar (add honey for taste instead). If possible, avoid alcohol during this time as it will dehydrate your body.

tips to stay healthy and happy while traveling eat healthily


While traveling can be fun, you must stay fit and healthy. By making a few changes to your lifestyle, you will find fitness easier than ever before. Mentioned here are some tips on health and travel for those who want to explore the world while staying happy and fit at the same time.

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