Expert Advice on How to Shed a Few Pounds with Outdoor Exercise

expert advice on how to shed a few pounds lose weight with outdoor exercise

Exercise can take many forms and be performed in varying locations. Some confine you to a gym, others give you the freedom to make the best of your environment. Incorporating the outdoors into an exercising routine adds another dimension. It may provide additional motivation, relief, or even happiness and enjoyment of the process.

Breathing deeply fresh air, feeling a cool breeze on your sweaty body, and seeing your endpoint in the distance can all provide you with the strength necessary to meet your fitness goal set for the day. Maybe you’ve already started this practice but are not getting the results you hoped. Instead of throwing the towel in, recoup and use these expert tips on how to maximize weight loss through outdoor exercise activity.

Cardio On The Move

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This term probably isn’t new to you. What could be new is now conducting these exercises outside where previously you contentedly carried out these workouts inside of a building. This blog about weight loss states that cardiovascular workouts are at the top if the goal is to blast away extra pounds. And of course, that is the end goal. It explains that in conjunction with a low carbohydrate diet, after approximately twenty minutes of cardio, the body begins using fat for energy, resulting in weight loss. 

So get ready to get moving with some lively walking, and energetic jogging. Try jumping rope or repeated climbing of porch stairs. Live near a body of water? Engage in rowing and swimming. Endless opportunities await you.

Including strength-based exercises into your cardio set by utilizing your own body weight in exercises such as dips and curls, pull-ups, and push-ups will deliver greater fat-burning results. When using weights, choose how heavy you go based on if you prefer doing more sets with lighter weights or fewer ones with heavier weights.

Get one or many friends to come along, if not to be active participants then to act as cheerleaders. Both really do go a long way. The more support you feel, the more you’ll apply yourself.

All About Running

Running is an excellent method for weight loss. Switch up the speed and intensity for best results. High-intensity running causes burning of calories in short and controlled bursts of exercise that greatly raise the heart rate. The effort exerted continues to be felt by the muscles, leading to a sustained use of calories even when the running has stopped. Alternate slower and longer running with shorter and faster sprints to maximize the outcome.

You may enjoy this form of activity so much that you’re tempted to do it every day. Don’t. Running, as with every other form of exercise, can take its toll, so know your limits and when it is necessary to take a break. 

lose weight with outdoor running

This workout requires sufficient carbohydrates to fuel the body. It is imperative, however, that you do not overestimate how much you actually need to consume as this may easily result in weight gain. Be also cautious with the type of fatty foods and the quantity of such you ingest. Diet is important regardless if your routines take place indoors or out. Treat your body well. Get help from a nutritionist if needed. 

Cycling to a Slimmer You

It’s time to dust off that bicycle stored in your garage and take it for a spin. Cycling is another great way to burn fat as the action of the sport engages not just your legs but your arms and torso. It’s like a full-body workout in one. It is listed as a high-intensity interval or HIIT workout method that serves to rev up your metabolism, and slingshot you into fitness. Only undertake HIIT workouts a few times a week at max. Give your body time to recover.

You don’t need to cycle for an extensive period of time to reap the benefits. Go hard for approximately thirty seconds, then for about sixty seconds, slow down. Take a rest period for a few minutes and repeat. That doesn’t sound very difficult, does it? Attempt this on surfaces that are flat, or for more of a challenge, face a slope or hill. 

Just as with running and exercising in general, never undertake more than you are capable of doing. If you can do ten minutes today, that’s fine. Your ability will improve the longer you stick with it. Nothing happens overnight or all at once. Don’t burden yourself with goals that are impractical or improbable. When you become sufficiently comfortable on the bicycle you may even be tempted to use this as a normal means of transport. 

Personal Boot Camp

Doesn’t that just sound fun? Ok, fun may not be the word, but such a setup will definitely get your heart pumping, blood bounding, and pounds shedding. Depending on what you want your focus to be, the exercises can center on or combine strength training, resistance training, and cardio. Please warm up with simple exercises such as jumping jacks and high kicks. Give the body a chance to get ready for the activity.

Integrate squats, planks, burpees, and bear crawls into the body of the workout. Based on your ability, you or a trainer may set appropriate reps and sets of each. Wind down with stretches.  Based on the intensity, type, and frequency of repetition of the various exercises, you could burn up to five hundred calories with each workout. 

outdoor fitness boot camp for weight loss


The key to getting rid of those extra pounds is to not regard exercise as a burden or something you have to do every day even though you’d rather be doing something else. Your disposition, believe it or not, greatly influences the outcome. Embrace this as a way of life. The more you enjoy the challenges you place upon yourself for weight loss, the more eagerly you’ll approach every instance. 

The great outdoors is highly recommended as the ideal location to more freely engage in exercise. With outdoor exercise, there’s more surface area to use and fewer people with which you are forced to share your immediate surroundings. Besides, observing nature greatly calms and centers you, you can invite as many friends as you like along your journey, and best of all, it won’t cost you a dime. This is a win-win situation. Nature has set you a trial but also given all you need to succeed. Are you up to the task? Yes, you are!

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