13 Inspirational Ideas for a Trip to the United Kingdom

13 Inspirational Ideas for a Trip to the

The United Kingdom is often considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and it should come as no surprise. The travel experts at Tripplo UK say that if you plan your trip carefully, you will get to enjoy lovely views and visit exciting places!

In order to help you do just that, we have prepared a list of inspirational ideas that you might want to use during your trip. The list consists of a number of different things, ranging from a pub crawl and a visit to Stonehenge to shopping at Harvey Nichols. Check it out!

Check Out the Royal Palaces

There are many royal residences in the United Kingdom, but Buckingham Palace is the most famous one. It is located in the City of Westminster area of London, and it is thought to be the largest and the most popular royal residence in the world.

Visit the Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

This castle is situated in Windsor, Berkshire. You might not be aware of this, but this is the oldest inhabited castle in the world! It was founded by William the Conqueror centuries ago and has been home to many monarchs since then.

Consider a Pub Crawl in Glasgow

The largest city in Scotland is not only a great place to visit because of its rich history and stunning architecture. On top of that, it is an amazing place for a pub crawl! The best pubs include Waxy O’Connor’s, The Horseshoe Bar, and The Pot Still.

You can also visit a whiskey distillery while you are in Glasgow to get even more out of your trip. The Scottish whiskey industry is booming right now, and you will have plenty of opportunities to check it out.

Explore the King’s Cross Railway Station

King’s Cross Station is one of the largest railway stations in London and is one of the most popular places that you can visit. If you want to see it properly, make sure to visit the Harry Potter souvenir shop close to platform 9 ¾ and its famous luggage trolley!

Watch a Movie or a Show

This one is an excellent idea for someone who loves watching movies! There are many big and affordable cinemas in the United Kingdom that you can go to. You can simply sit down, eat popcorn, and enjoy yourself for a bit! Also, if you are in London, you can’t help but visit popular theatrical performances such as the Wicked musical, The Lion King, or Mamma Mia.

Visit Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in Scotland, and because of that, it is definitely worth visiting. Do not worry if you are on a tight budget! There is no admission fee for the Cathedral visit. However, you can donate to Historic Environment Scotland. Your donation will go towards the upkeep of the building.

Go Shopping

Have you heard of Harvey Nichols? If not, then you are missing out! It is one of the most famous shopping centers in the United Kingdom. Located in London, this luxurious mall contains tens of gourmet restaurants and big shops that sell designer fashion and beauty products. It is a sight to behold!

Visit the Shetland Isles

sheep in shetland isles

The Shetland Isles tend to be called the hidden gem of Scotland. Why is that the case? They offer beautiful views and hiking trails! If you are a fan of birdwatching, hiking, and spending time outside, this place will be just perfect for you!

There are many historical sites that you can visit, too! For instance, you can visit the age-old Aberdour Castle and take a walk around the big National Museum of Scotland. It is up to you and what you are most interested in!

Visit Stonehenge

Stonehenge is undoubtedly the most famous historical monument in the United Kingdom. It is located near Amesbury in Wiltshire and consists of over ninety rocks arranged in a circle. The monument was built thousands of years ago, and its purpose has not been discovered yet. Due to that fact, the monument became the source of inspiration for many historians.

Drive the North Coast 500

You might not be aware of its existence, but there is a scenic route around the north coast of Scotland. It is called the North Coast 500, and it links many features of the north Highlands in one touring route. The route runs through the beautiful counties of Inverness-shire, Ross and Cromarty, Sutherland, and Caithness. It is definitely worth checking out, especially if you enjoy camping in the wild.

And, if you want to get the most out of your trip, make sure to rent an RV for your North Coast 500 trip. The road is perfect for motorhomes, and you will get a chance to explore the beauty of the UK freely and comfortably.

Visit the Tate Modern

visit Tate Modern on trip to the United Kingdom

The Tate Modern is one of the most popular art museums in London. It was opened quite a few years ago and is located in the former Bankside Power Station. The museum exhibits many interesting works of art and is definitely worth a visit!

See a Rugby Match

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the United Kingdom. If you have never seen a rugby match before, then you are in for a treat! Rugby matches tend to be very energetic and exciting. It is definitely worth checking out if you have the chance!

Stay at a Bed and Breakfast

If you want to experience British hospitality first-hand, then you should consider staying at a B&B. They are very affordable and tend to be located in small towns and villages, so you will get to meet local people and learn more about local traditions.

In Conclusion

The United Kingdom is thought to be the most popular tourist destination in the world. There are many reasons why this is the case, ranging from its rich history to the lovely landscapes.

If you are a fan of art, then there are museums like the Tate Modern that will be just perfect for you on your trip to the United Kingdom. If you are a sports fan, then you might want to see a rugby match. The list of things that you can do in the United Kingdom is endless!

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