Top Tips for Surviving a Family Road Trip

Top Tips for Surviving a Family Road Trip

The best road trips are the ones where you can count on spending quality time together as a family. A road trip may seem like a break from your busy day to day life, but if you follow these tips it will be an experience that not only is relaxing for the whole family, but also one where memories are made. Here are 4 tips that can help you survive a family road trip and make it a more enjoyable and successful experience.

Packing Light

It’s best to only pack essentials and leave the rest at home. This will allow you to travel more efficiently, not only in terms of space but also of time, since there will be less unpacking every time you arrive at your destination. Packing too much will also lead to more time spent shopping along the way.

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Always Having Snacks Handy

Journeys tend to be longer than anticipated. This is why it’s important for you and your family to always have snacks handy in the car. When you’re hungry, it’s hard to stay happy and focused on what needs to be done during the trip. If your kids are young enough that they can’t reach their own food easily, then make sure there’s plenty of healthy snacks at hand in the car.

Plan Out Stops to Different Towns or Attractions and Then Map Them on the GPS

Have a game plan of the best places to stop along your route. For little kids, it’s important that you find an activity that they will enjoy and that will help to keep them busy and happy during the day. Being stuck in a vehicle all day can make for a lot of tension between family members, especially if the kids are young. In addition to making sure there are plenty of bathrooms near where you’re stopping so no one has any accidents while on their potty break during your trip, planning stops will also allow everyone to stretch their legs!

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Keeping Things Upbeat and Interesting

It’s important to keep things upbeat and interesting when your family is cooped up in a space for hours on end. What this means is that you shouldn’t put pressure on yourself or others to entertain everyone with adult conversation at all times. Instead, make sure that there is a mix of music, books, and travel games for everyone to enjoy. In addition to this variety of entertainment options, always have the kids take turns reading out loud from their favourite book or choose a new one at each stop.

Bonus Tip: Hire a Motorhome

With all these tips, you might want to consider just hiring a motorhome and ditching the car altogether. Hiring a motorhome will give your family more space to relax in, as well as providing an opportunity for everyone to take turns driving along different stretches of the highway! Hiring a motorhome also helps with:

  1. Packing light. With plenty of space, you can pack a few more items in a motorhome than if you were going in a car.
  2. More space means less tension between family members when they have their own personal space to retreat to at any given moment.
  3. Built in toilets and kitchens mean that this is the perfect way to avoid any potty accidents on long journeys, as well as allowing you to cook or heat up some warm food.


Road trips are a great opportunity for families that lead busy lives and have trouble carving out enough time together, but it’s important not to get discouraged if things go wrong! These four tips can help you survive your next family road trip with less stress and more fun. Try out these tips and see how you go. Happy holidays!

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