Top 8 Things to See on Your Trip to Italy

top 8 things to see on your trip to Italy

The ancient Roman empire lasted for about two thousand years, it may seem crazy, but it is true. Even though it dissolved into the Eastern and Western Roman Empires, it was still Roman culture. It spanned all over Europe, and the marks are still clearly visible throughout the whole continent and beyond. The culture is still growing strong in the place where it all started, the Italian peninsula underneath the Alps. There is a lot of beauty to be had here, which no one has explored to its fullest.

We are still trying to uncover the past of this territory, and let’s not get started with the present. It is time to look beyond the stereotypes and see what every country has to offer, and Italy is in the spotlight right now. You can only experience true beauty if you have your eyes fully opened and are ready to experience something new and very exciting. There are way too many things to see on your trip to Italy, but these 8 should be a great starter for your trip.


All roads lead to Rome, you can not avoid it during your trip to Italy. It is always magical, especially if you tour the Colosseum at night and see the Italy you are meant to see. Italy is not just a beautiful place with a lot of historical buildings, it is about the certain feeling of it.

Even the classic tourist attractions are special, but you need to think about them in a different manner. Try to think about all the historic figures that walked here over thousands of years in this city. Think about both the past and the present, and try to understand the people and the hidden beauty of Rome.

Rome Colosseum things to see in Italy

Cinque Terre

Italy is filled with a lot of places that look like places you only see on social media and in movies. Cinque Terre is one of the many coastal regions with beautiful water and colorful houses. If you truly want to see what coastal Italian cities look like, you need to visit these spread-out cities.

All of these cities are quite small and are maintained to stay small, which is why you can not stay there long. For many of them, the only way you can get in is by train, with the most scenic ride of your life.


The ideal place that brings together Italian luxury and coastal life is Capri. There is a reason why this small island was the favorite place of many Roman emperors. Located near Naples, you need to hop on a ferry and spend a day in Capri.

Be aware, this place is on the more expensive side, even just water will cost you. However, if you can afford to spend a day here, everything will be worth it for this combination of luxury and peace.


If you want to be on the land more than the sea, Tuscany is the place for you. There is a reason why pine nuts are so important for Italian cuisine besides the main ingredients such as basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes.

The beautiful nature with cypress trees is priceless, and the sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking. It is easy to get lost in all of this beauty, and that is what you should experience, endless beauty for miles and miles.


The city of fashion, you can not miss Milan during your trip to Italy. If you want a more urban experience with Italian luxury, Milan is the place for you. This place is home to a lot of things besides fashion, the culture and people living here are what make the city.

Be sure to visit different districts of the city and talk to the locals in Milan. There are a lot of top-tier restaurants in Milan with various cuisines ranging from traditional Italian to international.

top 8 things to see on your trip to Italy Milan Duomo

Lake Como

Lake Como is a great blend of luxury, lake, and forest ambiance. If you are not sure what you want to experience in Italy, Lake Como has everything covered. If you want some isolation and to experience nature to its fullest, you need to check this out.

It is a great place for getting some peace of mind, and you can choose if you want to be social or not. Make sure to go out on villa hunting trips to see all the luxurious villas and statues in nature.


Palermo is quite unique because it has a certain oriental vibe to it. Besides the classic Mediterranean aesthetic, it is also quite oriental due to Muslim influence. Palermo was the first hub that connected middle eastern culture with the rest of Europe.

It is one of the reasons that Italy was as advanced as it was, due to technology brought from the Middle East. Palermo still has a rich Muslim heritage that merges with Italian culture.

All the Small Things

Italy is an experience, as was mentioned, it is important to feel Italy rather than just physically be present. You need to talk to people, try local food, and hunt for rare small cities and scattered villas. It is integral to have such memorable activities to bring back with you once you leave Italy.

You need to take scenic routes and make your visits magical during both day and night. Do not be afraid to roam around and lose yourself in both nature and cities, both small and big ones. There are way too many things to see in Italy that just can not be listed.

Italy landscape


By visiting even just one of these places and sticking to key principles, you will be able to experience something you have never experienced before. Nor will you ever be able to experience such a thing again if you follow these tips in these locations. It is very important to use this time wisely and make memories you will carry for the rest of your life. 

We only have so much time to spend during our lifetimes, and it is important to let yourself loose in the beauty of this world. Even though this existence bears a lot of weight and often than not stresses out a lot, it is important to not give up on your journey of finding true beauty.

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