Top Compelling Reasons to Move to Canada: Here’s What You Need to Know About Them

top compelling reasons to move to Canada

In simplest terms, people move abroad to different countries in the world for a host of reasons. In a majority of cases, it is because they want to look for better career opportunities. While popular destinations like Switzerland, Australia, and the UK offer incredible opportunities to immigrants and expats too, still there is one country that often stands out and is heralded as the best place to move to. But which one is it?

Can you make any guesses? Well, if you have been chasing some valuable information on this subject, you must have come across Canada being discussed in the front row. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, this country has welcomed millions of immigrants in the past and abides by the idea of cosmopolitanism. Today, you will find every nationality residing in Toronto. So if you have been looking for some strong reasons to breathe life into this goal, you’ve got them all listed below:

It Feels Like a Home Away From Home

Most people will complain about culture shock when they move to another country. This is because of the differences of food, transportation, culture, social mannerisms, and a lot more. Luckily, if you have already decided to move to Canada and your documents are in process, very soon you’ll experience a massive change in your life. And, regardless of if you move to Canada today or tomorrow, you will find people from all nationalities residing there. But above all, the well-known friendliness of the Canadian people is enough reason for everyone to decide to move to this country.

Canada Is Welcoming a Lot of Immigrants Right Now

Touching on our previous point, Canada has already welcomed hundreds of thousands of immigrants within its boundaries. And it continues to welcome people from all stratas of the world. The issue is, this country has a rapidly aging population, so it is welcoming people from all countries across the globe. As of now, many young professionals especially have been recruited in Vancouver, Ontario, and Toronto. Thus, leaving behind the northern regions, which makes up to two thirds of the total population. And for this reason alone, Canada and its 13 provinces are welcoming truck drivers, fishermen, registered nurses, trade workers, and managers.

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There Are a Lot of Job Opportunities in Canada

How will I find a job in Canada? Well, if you’ve been struggling to find an answer to this question, you need to head straight to Google and you will find tons of answers to it. Although the coronavirus has had a strong impact on the corporate world, yet the country has taken care of its people to the fullest. As far as Canada’s minister of immigration is concerned, he has publicly addressed the availability of tons of jobs for students, residents, and families. Today, there are various immigration programs that will help you acquire a job in a certain state, prior even to your arrival in the country.

Healthcare Is Free

What? Healthcare is free? Yes! You heard that right. But, not every healthcare system is created equal. As of now, Canada’s public healthcare system is the perfect example of what the future of this option looks like. And it’s mind blowing to know that people can go anytime to the doctor when they want and not spend a dollar for treatment. Canadians highly value healthcare and thus, they provide you with tons of programs that cover your medical charges. Every province has a distinctive healthcare system and you need to educate yourself about it. However, there are restrictions on the use of a few drugs and you’ll be treated for mental health issues too, if they exist.

Traveling to Canada Is Easy

Let’s suppose, if you’re from the US, all you’ll have to do is search for moving companies US to Canada, and the internet will unleash tons of results. Once your luggage is on the way, you can rest assured about its safe arrival in the country and you can fly later. Since Canada’s population has grown exponentially over the last few years, the number of airlines has multiplied too. Traveling to Canada is much easier and you can rest assured about having a safe flight. And even if you have to travel within the country, from one state to the next, your luggage and documents will be taken care of to the fullest. Seldom will you find a friend or a relative of yours discussing any issue of traveling to this country.

It’s Safe and Peaceful

Canada has always been an inspiration for many other countries across the globe. Canada is currently rated as one of the safest countries across the globe, and if you want to move there, you can rest assured that the crime rate is low. Plus, the thousands of people who move to Canada enjoy the fact that the country has political and economic stability. These two traits are hard to find in many countries globally. According to a recent survey, around 84% of people in Canada said that they felt safe in this country. So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to move here for career opportunities.

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Don’t Worry About the School Fees

You can give the best education to your children in this country at the total cost of xero expense. Bear in mind, kids from grades 1 to 12 have to pay nothing to get the best education in the world. This means, parents can save a lot of money and spend it elsewhere, for example on holidays. According to a recent survey, around 68% of the Canadian population has a college diploma or a university degree. What’s more, Canada ranks number fourth for international student enrollment. Students come to this country from everywhere in the world to get the best academic degrees.

Marry the One You Love

Unless you have been living under a big rock, you will know that Canada doesn’t discriminate against people of a different sexual orientation or gender. This means, you can be unique in Canada and marry anyone you want. Canada is LGBTQ friendly and holds the pride festival every year. What’s more, Canada has the most amazing rate of successful gay marriages that don’t take place anywhere else. Therefore, if you want to have a bohemian life without the fear of being judged, Canada is the best place for you.

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