6 Things that Should Be on Every Nature Enthusiast’s Bucket List

6 things that should be on every nature enthusiast's bucket list

Certain things should be on every nature enthusiast’s bucket list. Nature enthusiasts are not only the people who love spending time outside, but also those who like to learn about natural phenomena and enjoy exploring. For this type of person, many things should be on their bucket list. Here are six items for your consideration!

1. Experience Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a great activity for those who enjoy spending time in the water. It is not only an aesthetically pleasing experience, but it helps you learn about what is underneath the surface of the sea and how humans have affected these environments. There are many locations to choose from when it comes to scuba diving. So, when considering diving locations, try diving on the Cozumel reefs or even scuba diving in the open ocean. The possibilities are endless.

The marine life you can see includes, but is not limited to, sharks, eels, stingrays, and octopi. When scuba diving, be ready to slither through small openings, swim up to the surface quickly, and adjust to a different world. Also, the equipment you need includes a wetsuit, flippers, and a scuba BCD with a regulator. This equipment will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time while scuba diving.

2. Take an African Safari

An African safari is another great activity that every nature enthusiast should enjoy at least once in their lifetime. When it comes to Africa, there are many countries one can choose from depending on the type of experience they want to have. Botswana, Tanzania, and South Africa are a few to name. Aside from the safari experience, Tanzania also offers beautiful mountain views and breathtaking coastlines.

african safari zebras in serengeti

When going on an African safari, you will have to be ready for long hours of driving through the unpopulated areas in search of wildlife. You might even have to trek along footpaths or jump into the water to get a closer look at some animals. In addition, camping in the bush, being on high alert for dangerous animals, and spending time in the wild are other elements that add to this once-in-a-lifetime experience. An African safari trip can be a rewarding experience for nature enthusiasts.

3. Go Whale Watching

Whale watching is a great opportunity to increase one’s knowledge about these gentle giants of the sea while relaxing at the same time. The areas where one can witness whales include the United States, Canada, Australia, and Iceland. When it comes to choosing a location to watch whales, there are many factors one should consider, such as availability (i.e. Is the area easily accessible?), the number of species in that particular location, and whether or not you can swim with them while on your trip.

Whale watching includes spotting different kinds of whales, like humpback or blue whales, and knowing when they are in the area (i.e. The migration seasons, mating seasons, etc.). When going whale watching, keep in mind that you should dress for the weather and have a camera on hand to capture memories of this special experience.

4. Do Stargazing

An activity that is great for those interested in learning about astronomy and the stars above is stargazing. Stargazing can be done at a special place set up for it called an observatory, by going to a facility with a high-powered telescope, or simply in a dark area where you can see the night sky.

There are three different types of stargazing that one can do. The first involves naked eye observation, which is stargazing without a telescope or binoculars. This means you are observing stars with your eyes only and seeing the different types of stars, star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies in our sky. Another type of stargazing is with a pair of binoculars or a telescope. This method facilitates spotting planets, moons, comets, meteors, cosmological phenomena like exploding stars (i.e. Supernovas), etc., as well as looking at other celestial bodies close up. The last way to stargaze is through astrophotography which entails using an app on your phone that allows you to take pictures of constellations among other things.

starry night stargazing

5. Hike the Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is a great place for nature enthusiasts to hike. It spans 2,189 miles from Georgia to Maine and is a continuous hiking path with several places along the way where you can stop and camp overnight. The trail includes rivers, waterfalls, forests, deserts, mountainsides, meadows, cliffs overlooking canyons and valleys below as well as many flora and fauna that hikers may encounter on their quest to hike all of its trails.

To truly enjoy this experience, you will need a backpack filled with items that will keep you hydrated throughout the day (i.e. CamelBak or another type of water pack), food for your trip (i.e. Protein bars, fruits, etc.), a tent to sleep in during camping trips along the trail, and a good first-aid kit for hiking (containing essentials like bandages, disinfectant, and gauze pads for deep cuts or gashes).

When hiking on the Appalachian Trail it is important to dress appropriately, which means wearing long pants to protect your legs against stinging insects like mosquitoes or ticks that could carry diseases. You should also wear layers of clothing because weather conditions change along the trail. Lastly, you will need hiking boots to keep your feet protected from rocks and other harmful objects on the path you take.

6. Attend an Outdoor Music Festival

Music festivals are great places for people who love nature as well as music lovers to attend together! Whether it is Electric Forest in Rothbury, MI, or TomorrowWorld in Chattahoochee Hills, GA, these festivals are all about the best acts hitting the stage for people to enjoy.

Some of the music you can expect at any one of these festivals includes EDM (electronic dance music), dubstep, drum and bass, house music, techno, etc. When attending these festivals it is important to remember that you will need two pairs of shoes – one for the concert and another for the campgrounds where you can relax, eat your food, rest, etc.

things that should be on every nature enthusiast's bucket list attend a music festival


There are many activities that nature enthusiasts should add to their bucket list. The most important thing is to love nature and enjoy being in nature. Consider these 6 activities the next time you want to go for a trip in nature.

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