Love Surfing? Here are 3 Waterproof Items You’ll Adore

waterproof surfing items you need to level up

If you are someone who loves to ride the waves, you don’t need a complex set of equipment and gear to start enjoying the sport. Even if you are a beginner at surfing, you’ll do fine with a surfboard, a wetsuit, wax, fins, and a leash. However, the more you get to love and enjoy this sport, the more skills you will pick up with time. And as your surfing skills improve, you’ll need more items than your basic surfing essentials.

Below, we list 3 waterproof surfing items that can really take your surfing practice and enjoyment to the next level!

Surf Watches

Surfers need specialized watches for their rides, just like athletes and fitness enthusiasts need sport or fitness watches for their games, practices, and exercises. Whether you are a competitive professional surfer or someone who loves to conquer different kinds of waves, a surf watch can be a convenient device to have.

surfer with waterproof surf smartwatch

You may need accurate forecast data of the wave height, wave period, wind speed and direction, and tide times to improve your surfing performance and ensure your safety, so you need to invest in a surf watch or smartwatch. Fortunately, if you’re looking for the best surf smart watches, there are plenty of options you can find in the market. Aside from the forecast data we mentioned earlier, your smartwatch can also perform other tracking and monitoring functions, like calculating your average and top surfing speed, surfing distance, calories burned, and your current heart rate.

Because surf watches or smartwatches are designed for surfing, you can be assured that they are waterproof and remain functional as you surf. Your surf smartwatch can also keep you safe while surfing thanks to its GPS positioning and tracking features. You will not have to worry about veering too far off course or finding your way back to your surfing spot after being dragged by the sea current.

You will also be alerted by your watch if your heart rate gets too high or too low while you are surfing or at rest. Best of all, surf smartwatches are lightweight and come in different colors, so you can wear them comfortably and look stylish while surfing.


Surfers love to record some breathtaking moments of their rides in photo or video format. For that, they need a waterproof camera that can capture them in motion. GoPro cameras or waterproof surf cameras are an excellent investment for surfers who have advanced their skills. These cameras can capture videos in 4K resolution, take vivid and sharp pictures, and record stable video clips no matter how fast or rough the surfer’s action may be.

High-definition camera videos from GoPro or other surf camera models also provide excellent records of a surfer’s performance. You can learn from the mistakes caught on camera by reviewing the videos and making the necessary adjustments. Best of all, waterproof cameras can also capture sights and sceneries that surfers see while riding the waves, such as the scenic sunset, the majestic pipelines, or other surfers in action.

wave surfing footage from gopro action camera

Another nifty accessory that can come with a GoPro or surf camera package is a mount or camera holder. Nothing beats capturing yourself in action while you surf at your best form. Holding a camera or a selfie stick can affect your surfing form as your focus gets divided between surfing and holding your camera. Mounting the camera on your body is excellent for getting a first-person perspective of your moves, but for evaluating your form and performance, you need to free your hands and body from the camera and let it sit on your surfboard to get a clear view of you riding the waves.

There are various ways you can set up your camera mount on your surfboard: using industrial-strength suction cups, straps, mountain clips, screws, or clamps. If mounts are not included in your surf camera package, there are various mounts for sale. You can even choose colors that match your board color and make your surf camera look inconspicuous or stylish.

Surf Earplugs

These tiny devices can be a lifesaver for surfers, especially when surfing in cold water. Earplugs protect surfers from a condition known as exostosis or “surfer’s ear”, where the bone surrounding the ear canal thickens due to prolonged exposure to cold winds and cold waters. Even though surfer’s ear is more prevalent in surfers aged 30 or above, it can also affect younger surfers, so this is a handy waterproof item to wear when surfing.

It’s not just the surfer’s ear that you should be concerned about when surfing. Seawater can often enter the ears and affect a surfer’s hearing and balance. Another possible danger to the ears is blunt force trauma, which can rupture the eardrums. While a ruptured eardrum can heal over time, it still needs prompt medical care and medication.

Ear injuries are a serious matter and should be treated immediately, but you can prevent them by wearing surf earplugs as your protective equipment. Not all earplugs are uncomfortable to wear, as most of them are made of soft silicone, which gently fits your ears and is waterproof. It is also durable and environment-friendly, so you can use it as long as you want.

Getting yourself temporarily out of commission from surfing due to ear injuries really sucks, which is why you should not disregard the importance of wearing earplugs. Continuous ear injuries can also put your hearing at risk, so it pays to invest in protective gear such as earplugs. It would be nice to hear the crash of the waves and cheers of your friends and spectators for as long as you can surf.

surfer carrying surfboard

Final Words

Other waterproof items that we have not included here can prove useful on your surfing adventures. All you need to do is find which ones suit your needs and preferences best. Surfing is more enjoyable when you have other devices and pieces of equipment that can enhance your surfing performance and experience. So decide now which items you’ll bring on your surfing adventure and make your surfing life a lot better!

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