7 Tips For Taking Road Trips in 2022

tips for taking road trips in 2021

If you’re looking to make 2022 the year of your ultimate road trip, there are a lot of things to consider beyond just which tunes to stream and whether you want to bring along a camping tent and a projector for movie nights. 

Like many of us across the globe, you’re likely considering a road trip after being let out of some form of COVID restrictions. So, we’re here with a tonne of tips for taking road trips this year that will really make them memorable for a lifetime. 

Whether with family, friends, or by yourself, there is a lot you can do to make the most of that much-deserved road trip. Below, we share our insights to help you build a successful, hassle-free journey. Keep in mind that a road trip should be one of the least stressful things you undertake this year, and so focusing on keeping yourself as relaxed and having as much fun as possible is incredibly important. 

WIthout further ado, let’s have a look at our top tips for taking road trips in 2022!

Top 7 Essential Tips for Taking Road Trips in 2022 

1. Be Mindful of Lockdowns and Restrictions

One of our first tips is a very 2020-related type of tip, and that is to make sure you’re regularly checking up on the rules, regulations, and borders of each state, county, or even city suburb before you plan on driving through it. 

A number of cities and countries across the globe have implemented domestic visa programs which could see you locked in or out of a location, or forced into a mandatory 14-day quarantine which could majorly upset your plans and your trip. 

With that in mind, we suggest that you always make sure to check and stay up to date with restrictions in your local area and the places you’re intending to drive to.

2. Choose a Suitable Vehicle or Prep Yours

Our second tip here is to make sure that you’re planning your road trip with a vehicle that is going to make the trip a breeze rather than something that leaves you stressed or feeling cramped. 

With this point in mind, we suggest always making sure that you have enough space, comfort and, of course, gas or battery mileage to get you from point A to point B without cutting it a little close on fuel.

road trip tips

Another thing to keep in mind is that you may not want to take your own vehicle simply to spice things up a little bit and have some extra fun. One interesting option could be to purchase a used car. There are great deals to be had on second-hand cars that are still in good shape, such as on these used vehicles in MN.

So, while rental cars remain at some of the lowest prices ever, getting your hands on a rental vehicle for your road trip might be something to consider. You can also use these rental options to up-size your vehicle to fit another passenger or a few more items that you might need when it comes to going camping or doing just about anything else. A little more space in your vehicle is always welcome on a road trip after all. 

People prefer to contact Rent A Car Dubai companies in order to rent or lease a car according to their trip duration. But renting a car should be the best option for them if they are in the city for the short term, and it is budget-friendly too.

Something to make a note of, especially for our eco-conscious readers, is that research shows EV sales are on the up majorly in Australia, the US, and other developed nations, making these vehicles a good bet for driving across the country. There are more charging stations than ever before, and this means getting from one side of the country to the other won’t leave you with a flat battery.

3. Some Safety and Maintenance Essentials

A few other things to keep in mind are the items or tools that are going to keep you safe and to ensure that you’re not going to be left stranded when out on the road.

Some of these essentials include a tyre pressure reader (if your car doesnt have one built-in), a first aid kit, an extra tank of fuel, as well as jumper cables and a solar panel with a 12V outlet in case you need to charge a smartphone in an emergency. 

You may want to have a mechanic check over your car before you head out on the road too, given that you might not be able to pick up on any potential issues with your vehicle. This will give you some peace of mind and also make sure that you’ll be safe when out on the road. 

4. Plan Your Route in Advance

Tying in with our first tip, it’s imperative to have your route planned as soon as possible, and this means you’ll be able to gauge where you’re going, how long it will take, and whether you need to apply for domestic visas. 

woman reading map in car

We suggest having your GPS on hand and a route mapped out. With this, you will then be able to plan all of the things you will be doing in each location on your trip and have a schedule drafted up which will allow you to see and do all of the things you want to without being too pressed for time.

If you’re not sure where to start with planning your trip, a great place to start is an online travel blog like Visiting Australia. These types of blogs are carefully curated so you won’t miss out on any of Australia’s best sites!

5. Have Suitable Entertainment Ready Early

If you’ve ever taken a road trip before, you will know that there’s little to nothing worse than having to get your entertainment ready on the fly. So, always have this on hand and ready as soon as you can! 

A big tip from us here is to make sure that your media and content consumption is safe for the road and that it is going to last you through the journey – there’s nothing worse than a podcast ending too soon on a trip. 

A few examples of great content include: 

  • Your Apple Music and Spotify playlists
  • A suite of movies and TV shows (it’s best to download them onto your devices ahead of time)
  • A play pack for the kids
  • A few road trip games up your sleeve

Have those entertainment items in mind and you’ll be able to stave off boredom and keep the show – and the fun! – going on the road without feeling too drained. 


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6. Have Cash Handy

When it comes to getting yourself across a nation on the wide-open road, you’ll often find yourself in a tonne of small towns that might not have the latest and greatest with regards to POS technology, and in national parks or wild areas with no ATMs. So, you should always have some cash on hand. 

You won’t always be able to rely on cards when driving cross-country. With this in mind, make sure that you always have enough cash handy to buy anything you need, and also take the opportunity to replenish your cash whenever you can.

7. Snacks and Packs

Our final tip is to make sure you have a tonne of little easily accessible snacks and fun packs for everyone available in the car at all times. 

Use your cup holders as snack trays for things like trail mix, for example, and you’ll always have something to snack on as you’re driving, or as a passenger. On top of this, small entertainment packs for both adults and the kids are a great way to let the time pass in a way that isn’t too intrusive for the driver. Keep in mind that making sure everyone is kept occupied is integral to a great road trip. 

The Takeaway

With our points above out of the way, we’re sure it’ll be effortless to enjoy the open road this year and really work to cancel out all of those COVID-19 lockdown woes that may have really put a damper on your plans for the year.

family camping on road trip

Always keep in mind who is coming on your road trip, whether you’re going to need something for adults as well as kids, and if your vehicle is large enough to offer ideal comfort for all occupants. Depending on these factors, renting a vehicle might be a good idea.

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