4 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Buy a Golf Push Cart

surprising reasons why you should buy a golf push cart

As you progress in your golfing game, there will be some choices you’ll have to make about how you proceed through a tournament or match. While you’ve been focusing on improving your stroke, you may have grown to neglect certain aspects of how the game is played—one of them being how you carry your bag. Listed below are the main reasons why a push cart is the top choice for experienced golfers today.

1. Minimize Expenses, Maximize Control

Ponder upon whether or not you honestly need a caddy. Caddies can be pricey if you golf often. Plus, you never know if you’re getting a caddy who is well-versed in the game or if he’ll need to be told what to do at every hole. Golf push carts allow you to cut out the unnecessary middleman. Not only that, but you’ll have more control over every situation because you won’t need to rely on anyone other than yourself. A push cart will basically trim the fat off of your golfing experience. Check out Better Golf Online.

2. Stay Focused and Organized

When you have to interact with someone before every shot, this leaves you susceptible to being distracted. What if you’re handed the wrong club and don’t realize it until you’re lining up your shot? That would be both embarrassing and frustrating in a high-pressure situation. By having a golf push cart, you will be focused on each shot 100% of the time. Additionally, your clubs will be organized to your liking and readily available at will. This ease of use will help you avoid unnecessary conversation and interaction that could cause you to lose your concentration.

golf ball near hole

3. Improve Your Fitness

With obesity reaching an all-time high, maintaining some semblance of fitness has never been so important. While golfers are certainly not the fittest athletes on the planet, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t try to improve their fitness in as many ways possible. When athletes get tired, their form starts to deteriorate, and they begin to make mistakes. As a golfer, every shot has to be viewed and approached the same. If you’re dead-tired at any given hole, then that will be impossible. Having a push cart will allow you to work on your fitness without tiring you out too much, like carrying a bag would.

4. Stay Energized

Lugging your golf bag around the course can be tough on the neck, shoulders, and legs—all of which are crucial to a solid golf swing. You want to get some physical activity out of your day on the course without it ruining your chances of winning. A push cart is the perfect solution, as it will require your strength and endurance to get it from point A to point B, but it won’t drain all of your much-needed energy. Not having the strain on your muscles should remove some of the soreness in your limbs so that each swing is an honest one.

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How to Use and Care for a Push Cart

If you decide to buy a golf push cart, there are a few tips that are useful to bear in mind. You’ll soon realize that your options for push carts are seemingly endless. Make sure you shop around and visit a few stores to try out any brands and models you’re interested in.

Place the Bag All the Way Down

You might notice that sometimes your bag is unstable and occasionally tips over. If that is the case, then it probably is because the bag isn’t pushed all the way down into the cart. Make sure that you properly situate the bag so that the center of gravity is low in the cart to avoid it falling over constantly.

Adjust the Handlebars

If you’re kicking the back of your bag when you walk, then you might have the handlebars on the wrong height setting. Utilize the adjustment feature on the handlebars to set them at a height that makes for a comfortable walk from each hole. Adjustable handlebars is definitely a feature you should look for when shopping around to buy a golf push cart. Otherwise, if you ever decide to hire a caddy again, there is a risk that the bag may not work for them if the handlebars are not adjustable.

Consider Storage Before Buying

Depending on what push cart you purchase, you may have trouble storing it if space is tight. If that’s the case, then look for a collapsible cart to avoid this problem. Many country clubs will store it for you, so this may not be a necessity. However, it’s always helpful to be able to fold it up and put it in the trunk of your car if you ever need to.

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Final words

These are the main benefits of a push cart, and the list might be even longer depending on your personal preferences. Before you decide on which push cart you’ll buy, make sure you evaluate your needs and wants to make sure that you get the one with the best features suited to you.

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