Top 13 Best 8 Person Tent Reviews 2024

Top 13 Best 8 Person Tent Reviews 2020

Are you trying to find the best 8 person tent to your next outside overnight experience? Occasionally camping demands a small amount of additional distance and you may call for a bigger kayak to occupy all of your friends and loved ones. With all these possibilities, finding the proper tent for you can be tricky.

They come in all sizes and shapes, use different substances, and are created for different outdoor experiences in your mind. The choices are nearly endless!

That is why we’ve prepared this comprehensive guide to help make your decision easier. Whether you are trekking, biking, or softball, this manual to the best 8-person tents will provide you with a fantastic beginning point for your own adventure.

Top 13 Best 8 Person Tent Brands

Top 13 Best 8 Person Tent Brands

Bestseller No. 1
Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Montana Tent with Easy Setup, Green
Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Montana Tent with Easy Setup, Green
WeatherTec system with patented corner welds and inverted seams helps keep water out; Extended door awning keeps shoes and gear dry; hinged door offers easy access
SaleBestseller No. 3
Coleman Skydome Camping Tent with Dark Room Technology, 8 Person
Coleman Skydome Camping Tent with Dark Room Technology, 8 Person
EXTRA STORAGE: Mesh storage pockets and a gear loft keep small items organized; ROOMY INTERIOR: 12 x 9 ft. with 6 ft. 4 in. center height; fits 2 queen-size air beds
SaleBestseller No. 4
Coleman Skydome Tent XL, 8/10/12 Person Camping Tent, Blue Nights
Coleman Skydome Tent XL, 8/10/12 Person Camping Tent, Blue Nights
SPACIOUS DESIGN: Large enough inside to fit 3 queen airbeds; MORE HEADROOM: Nearly vertical walls provide more headroom
SaleBestseller No. 6
Coleman Camping Tent with Instant Setup, 4/6/8/10 Person Weatherproof Tent with Integrated Rainfly, Double-Thick Fabric, and Included Carry Bag, Sets Up in 60 Seconds
Coleman Camping Tent with Instant Setup, 4/6/8/10 Person Weatherproof Tent with Integrated Rainfly, Double-Thick Fabric, and Included Carry Bag, Sets Up in 60 Seconds
Instant setup in about 60 seconds; Pre-attached poles for quicker, simpler setup – just extend and secure
SaleBestseller No. 7
Coleman Skydome Camping Tent, 2/4/6/8 Person Family Dome Tent with 5 Minute Setup, Strong Frame Withstands 35MPH Winds, Roomy Interior with Extra Storage Included
Coleman Skydome Camping Tent, 2/4/6/8 Person Family Dome Tent with 5 Minute Setup, Strong Frame Withstands 35MPH Winds, Roomy Interior with Extra Storage Included
Quick Pitch: Sets up in under 5 minutes with pre-attached poles; Spacious & Roomy: 20% more headroom due to nearly vertical walls
SaleBestseller No. 10
Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Red Canyon Car Camping Tent, Blue
Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Red Canyon Car Camping Tent, Blue
Camping tent with spacious design offers enough room for 8 people to sleep comfortably; Included dividers let you create 3 separate rooms for privacy

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Coleman 8 Person Camping Tent

This 8 individual camping tent by Coleman could be bought in three distinct colors: black and blue, cream and green, or white and black.

All of Coleman’s tents need to experience rain and wind tests ahead. To guarantee the tents have powerful eyeglasses, in the end, the test they must defy 35+ MPH winds, also for your rain evaluation over 35 gallons of water rain within the tent for over ten minutes. It begins with a mild drizzle and slowly increases to a heavy downpour. If over two tablespoons of plain water figure out how to get in the tent, then it fails.

This is easily among the greatest 8-man tents. The welded corners and inverted seams are exactly what make this tent waterproof, and there is a rainfly contained for additional weather protection.

Produced with double-thick polyester, this tent is durable and built to last. It’s simple to establish and can be completed in only 15 minutes. When setting it up for the very first time, I attempted to get it done, and it took over 25 minutes. With two individuals though it might have been much quicker. The next time I tried I had been much quicker.

The big D-style door makes it very easy to get in and out of this tent, particularly since it is hinged, and it’s a very durable zipper.

An elongated awning provides extra protection and retains shoes and your equipment dry.

The measurements of this 8 individuals tent are 16 x 7 feet, three queen-sized air beds match indoors with no problem, and using a center height of 6ft 2 inches the taller folks can walk around inside comfortably. It only weighs about 11kg, therefore it is not perfect for backpacking.

There are storage pockets stitched on the inside so you can keep modest items organized in 1 spot, and a carry bag is included for convenience.

Considering that the windows are angled, you’re able to keep them open when it is raining, so you have fresh air coming in constantly. It’s possible to run an extension cable via the E-port for electric power indoors.

Even though it does include tent stakes, they do not appear to be of fantastic quality, which explains the reason why I spent in acquiring some much better ones.

This 8 man tent is quite spacious, so I went camping with my buddies and also the lot of us had some space to spare within the tent.

I believe there ought to be many more windows, particularly in my situation since where I live it is humid and hot, and due to the lack of venting, there was some condensation inside. Additionally, I am happy I had a little fan with me to allow me to sleep due to the absence of a draft.


  • Broad
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • E-Port
  • Carry bag included


  • Windows is too little

Browning Camping Big Horn 8 Person Tent

Broad however little, compact and without a lot of whistles and bells – that is the ideal way to describe that the Browning Big horn tent. That can be a large group tent using an incorporated vestibule and can be a fantastic companion for smaller families on short camping excursions.

For an extremely comfy camping vacation, it isn’t likely to be your perfect foldable home. If you would like something a bit more lavish are searching for more comfort features, you won’t locate it at the Browning tent because it is rather basic.

The four pockets in the interior tent prove to be quite practical to be able to store personal possessions safely. The mosquito net in the entry can also be a part of the fundamental addition of the tent also guarantees insect-free nights in character. Two entrances at the awning also provide you with the chance to establish and utilize your storage space how you need it.


  • The tent is spacious
  • Great basic large tent to get an 8 family group
  • The tent Is Made of high-quality substances
  • The wall divider is flexible and provides additional flexibility
  • The numerous positive customer testimonials indicate It Is of good quality
  • This can be an all-purpose, all year tent you can rely upon
  • It provides quite a comfortable experience
  • Families or friends who like to camp will probably find the extra space helpful
  • You Don’t Need to snowball around since the ceiling is big


  • The tent Might Be too big to get alone camper or couples That Don’t attract a Good Deal of gear
  • A First-time camper might experience a bit of problem when it comes to setting the tent up
  • Not as feature-rich as other tents and may not be Perfect for all camping excursions
  • A Few folks have complained that the zipper area escapes somewhat
  • Some clients are not Pleased with the floors as it is Made from the Exact Same substance because the tent walls
  • The tent is springy, but Some People Today say waterproof it to fortify the ceiling and walls
  • Surely thicker than other tents

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent

This is the top 8 person tent complete but comes at an excellent price. As is evident from the title, the working term is’deluxe.’ Nevertheless, if you’re ready to shell out a couple of additional dollars to get a genuine 8 (or more) person encounter, this really is the very best that we can indicate now. Kodiak asserts that it had been”born at the Rockies” and they’ve certainly sufficient to show for this, as is evidenced by this tent.

First of all, this is really a canvas tent and we’re thankful a canvas tent has caused it on the peak of the list. For years now, the canvas continues to be afflicted by a stepmotherly attitude; nonetheless, Kodiak has assured that using its 100% cotton duck canvas, something that the business predicts Hydra-Shield, has the three fundamental attributes in acceptable ratios: durability, and a watertight character, plus a greatly improved cushioned character, all required to generate a fantastic tent better.

Kodiak apparently has spared no expense in making sure that the consumers get just what they’re paying for. Onboard are two big D-shaped doors situated either on the front and the rear that arrive with top-of-the-line #10 YKK zippers. The canvas used in fabricating this tent boasts a double-fill design that ensures a longer lifetime.

To guarantee effective protection from wet climes, it’s a silicone dry-finish remedy along with the top-notch canvas layout, something which reduces weight whilst at the same time improving the lasting nature.

The kayak is as powerful as it’s strong; to include more backbone, it’s 1-inch galvanized steel tubing as well as the 3/8-inch Flex-Bow spring steel rods which are used as bets to keep the tent taut and fit. We went camping in it a year ago, and it isn’t intended for heavy snow accumulation. Neither can it be designed to be used in extreme weather circumstances, mind you.

Do not let this dissuade you, however. There are far more technical tents for those functions; the Kodiak canvas tent is excellent for use all over the year. This is a really costly piece of gear, so do notice that until you choose a buy choice.


  • Canvas established, environment-friendly, and allergen-less.
  • Limited lifetime guarantee.
  • Fantastic venting, expansive tent, could be installed with one person. We urge a helper, nevertheless.
  • Usable throughout the year.


  • May burn a hole into your pockets, nevertheless.
  • Not one of special use in extreme climes, no in regions with rain.

CORE 9 Individual Immediate Cabin Tent – 14′ X 9′

Here is the very best instant tent so much as this record of the very best 8-person tents is worried. It’s designed quite stylishly and is immediately erectable. When we attempted the immediate 60 Second Installation’ challenge that the company publicly asserts. It’s large enough to fit in 8 to 9 individuals and can easily accommodate two queen-size mattresses. Given that this really is an instantaneous tent, it’s still quite powerful and strong. It’s also quite portable.

Although it’s a fact that we’ve chosen this tent mostly because of the instantaneous kayak character, it isn’t the only benefit it boasts. We’ve frequently seen, when struggling and camping with all the steel beams and the bets, another man only picks a place and then pitches their immediate tent. This is something along similar lines. Given it is an instantaneous tent, we enjoyed the fact that there’s an electric cable access port on board that could be closed completely if not being used.

As soon as you get started using the instantaneous tent, you’ll be very happy to remember that everything that you will need is already connected to the cloth. Poles, hubs, everything. Therefore, it requires just 1 person to get things ready to go. The wall divider that’s packed together with the tent functions pretty well: it’s also mobile and separable.

The tent boasts of zippered privacy panels that hold all that you want in neat small pouches which ensures that nothing surpasses the flooring. Onboard is your Core H20 Block Technology, that’s believed to unite water repellent fabrics together with active bead technologies. Active bead technologies also require the water-repellant character of any cloth. In general, this is the way an instantaneous tent that functions.


  • Waterproof character is very good considering the instantaneous tent character.
  • Simple to install and dismantle.
  • The electrical cable access interface may be closed when not being used.
  • Warranty is great.


  • The cost might be an issue for lots of men and women.
  • Nothing else to say here as much as negative attributes are involved.

White Duck Outdoors Avalon Canvas Bell Tent

Specially made for those that want a good looking tent, the White Duck Outdoors 8 individual is an excellent camping tent. A very simple clip system provides an alternative to antique cloth bottles around the flysheet, but in addition, it has the other problem.

The fly-over tent should first be elongated with the assistance of three parallel pole arches, built with individual traces in all directions and so stabilized. It doesn’t direct the sticks through eyelets from the tent cloth but hangs them with clips in the exterior of the tent. It’s large and spacious and is supposed to be utilized by 8 individuals.

The tent is by no way an inexpensive tent. In reality, it’s downright pricey in comparison to other tents within this listing. Nonetheless, you get what you pay for. This tent is a true 4-season tent and may withstand an icy storm. The White Duck Avalon is a good tent; if cash is not a problem, you need to pick up this one.


  • Fantastic layout is combined with the supreme relaxation and distance
  • Convenient for all seasons & most climates
  • Breathable cloth
  • Waterproof, so it is appropriate from the rain
  • Very reliable tent
  • Top-level craftsmanship and engineering
  • 3-layer windows


  • It’s Very Costly, expects to cover Far More than other tents with this list
  • Incredibly heavy, so it is created for Each camping functions
  • Quite bulky so that you can not really take anywhere

 Arctic Monsoon Starry i1 8-Person Tent

With loads of room, a generous tent elevation, and several comfy details Arctic Monsoon may also be used to get a longer camping vacation. Even if traveling past the dry and warm southwest, it’s a dry fortress.

For big tents, it’s common that just the sleeping place has a sewed underside. The Arctic Monsoon 8-person tent, on the other hand, has a totally sown floor, which also leaves the living area to a closed area.

There are only a few problems with the Starry i1 8 kayak which may disappoint some experienced cyclists, but overall it is a nice and affordable tent. If standing up against especially heavy rain, then there may be some blockage, but it is a challenging tent which for the most part, keeps out water.


  • Easy and very fast to set up
  • The protected tub floor prevents water from penetrating
  • The divider wall allows you to divide the tent area
  • Very rugged construction
  • Outstanding weather resistance for heavy rain and wind


  • Very heavy and Might Not Be readily carried around at 30 pounds
  • Some People Today report leakage in milder drains
  • Front porch does not protect the Entire doorway

NTK CHEROKEE GT 8 into 9 Individual Outdoor Dome Tent

Let us get this out of the way before anything else: phoning the CHEROKEE GT from NTK an 8 into 9-person tent is outside a stretch. It simply is not possible. The floor of the thing is really a generous 10 feet by 12 feet, so it’s by no means a little tent. It is simply not large enough for 8 people but not as 9.

Now that’s out of the way we could inform you why our staff was really pleasantly surprised with the operation of the lesser-known new in the face of experienced industry giants such as Coleman.

Primarily, this scooter has a number of features which are both functional and light, the two main tenants of camping equipment. Our favorite of those features was a heavy responsibility smooth polyethylene flooring panel that’s ridiculously sturdy and waterproof. Possessing a solid floor into the tent is essential whether you will have a bunch of filthy, boot-wearing mountain folk clambering in and out of this item dozens of times daily.

Our favorite thing about the tent is it is possibly the only one on the listing which provides a full-coverage rainfly that’s genuinely full-coverage. Additionally, it is dual-layered, and from what we can tell wasn’t likely to allow any moisture during its barrier if it is set up properly.

The hinge-style doorway is a new addition to the tent world but one that’s welcomed by most as it permits the door to keep its rigidity and shape when it is not zipped up. This usually means it will swing back into position if you let go of it, exactly like a screen door. The end result of this is that fewer mosquitos are going to have the ability to get in the tent when you are not paying attention, also for us, that is enormous.

The big disadvantage here is your tent stakes that have a tent. They are not really powerful enough to be pushed into anything but the softest of earth. Our recommendation would be to get a package of titanium tent stakes until you take out this thing to the wild.


  • Fantastic rain fly
  • D-shaped hinged doors


  • Thin dome material
  • Poorly made tent stakes

Gazelle T4 PLUS Pop-Up Camping Tent

We are not completely certain how the engineers at Gazelle managed to think of the essential technology to generate an 8-person tent that sets up with little more than a couple of flicks of the wrist. Nevertheless, they did this, and our staff is thrilled about it.

Gazelle’s T4 set of tents was received by the camping community whenever they reach the market within the prior decade since they provided unmatched pop-up functionality without sacrificing structural integrity. The T4 PLUS is the most recent addition to this series and doubles the occupancy limitation of this show from 4 to 9. It does so by providing an attached screen room on the front of their tent.

Much enjoy the Wenzel KLONDIKE, this excess space is contained in the 8-9-person ability suggestion, meaning it will be difficult to benefit from its own front porch texture’ if you’re really trying to drive the occupants.

Obviously the best advantage here is your pop-up construction. We put it up and down it many times to find out whether it always worked that well, and yes indeed, they just appeared to have figured out it for this one. Installation is a breeze, also the breakdown is just slightly more complex.

The rain fly is really immersive, and also can be set up in numerous ways depending on the requirements of your journey. That is impressive considering the T4 PLUS is a whole 78″ tall. Meaning this can be a tent which could manage more than only a sunny weekend in the lake. It can manage some genuinely inclement weather scenarios easily and class.

We had trouble getting this thing back to its carrying bag. It helped to utilize a couple of rubber tie-downs to maintain it compacted then slip it in the bag. If we were planning to use this thing more frequently, we’d consider replacing the tote altogether with something just a tiny bit more operational.


  • Quick Pop-Up Design
  • Features 2nd Room


  • More expensive than similar models
  • Poorly constructed stuff-sack

Generic Ozark Trail Cabin Tent

Here we’ve got a great 8 individual waterproof tent by ounces known as the Ozark trail. It is available in a beautiful wine red shade with a few black and grey.

The measurements are 20ft x 10ft, and also the middle height is 6.5feet so that the taller folks can stand up and walk around with no problem.

There are 3 doors incomplete; one center door and 2 on either side. This is ideal because with detachable room dividers it is possible to create three rooms for greater solitude, and every room could have a doorway.

Though the 2 rooms on both sides are not as tall as the middle, they are still excellent for sleeping, stowing your equipment, or to use as a living area.

In general, there are six windows for good ventilation and also you also get to see more of this nature surrounding your own tent from the interior. Each the windows have a net to keep insects out.

It’s possible to match 3 queen-sized beds inside, with lots of space to spare. The taped fly seams are exactly what stop any leakage and also make this 8-person cabin tent waterproof.

Not only is that this tent quite affordable but really spacious — eight individuals can readily fit inside comfortably. When you take under consideration the size and all the wonderful features this kayak has, this is a really economical 8 person tent.

It is quite simple to prepare, I was able to do everything by myself with no difficulties. I really like the hook at the middle of the tent in which I hung a lantern, and the storage pockets to keep tiny items like phones.

There is an E-port so you are able to bring electric power to the tent. On the other hand, the place is a little inconvenient; it is in the top region of the doorway, whereas it actually should be a lot lower.

Within my camping excursion, there were powerful rain and wind. I could hear the breeze from indoors throughout the nighttime, but the tent hardly moved and it was warm and nice indoors. Even though it’s vital to be sure that the tent is staked nicely, the fantastic pole layout helps a great deal in maintaining this tent protected and set up.

The powerful framework of the tent has two kinds of sticks; steel and fiberglass. The fiberglass ones are over the primary area, whereas the metal ones hold the remaining portion of the construction.

There’s a carry bag included so which you may pack the tent up and take it with you easily, it may fit within the boot of a vehicle, but it is too large for backpacking.


  • Cheap
  • Broad
  • Six windows
  • Three doors


  • E-port can be located better

Core Extended Dome Tent

Core Extended 8-person dome tent is offered in two colors; vivid orange with gray, or wine red and gray. Having space inside of 16 x 9 feet, and a center height of 6 ft, it is very spacious and can easily sleep, eight people.

This elongated dome tent is non-freestanding, meaning that you can not simply put this up anywhere. Non-freestanding tents are somewhat weatherproof and milder, but they may take more time to establish.

All you need is included with the kayak; fiberglass tent poles, rainfly, steel stakes, along with a carry bag.

Made with lace and conventional fiberglass poles, this tent is quite durable and weatherproof. It is outfitted with water-resistant PU coated cloth, and taped seams keep out moisture.

It’s an adjustable ventilation system so you can find the ideal number of clean air.

This 8-man tent available also has plenty of other excellent features, including an electric cable access interface, which closes securely with hook and loop strips around the power cable providing it water-resistant protection. When not in use the vent could be completely closed. There is a gear attic with a lantern hook and pockets so you may keep modest items organized.

There is a net ceiling so you may enjoy stargazing before falling asleep and only if it rains you have obtained the rainfly that has an extra-wide, thick tape that’s heat-sealed into the rainfly’s cloth.

There is just 1 door and a single window, even though there’s net on the sides to allow a little more air in. That is why I would rather just use this tent if it is hot, but not overly sexy, and once I think that it will not rain so I can continue to keep the rainfly away for longer venting.

I’d have enjoyed it if the transport bag was somewhat larger, though the tent does match inside it is somewhat hard to achieve that.


  • Lightweight
  • Simple to install
  • Durable


  • Carry bag Somewhat small
  • Restricted ventilation with rainfly on

OT QOMOTOP 8 Individual Instant Tent

The OT QOMOTOP is among the best rated 8-person chairs, it comes from the color white and blue with some vivid green. It sets up immediately, in 60 seconds, and may be carried out by one individual.

As it is an immediate tent which means that it is freestanding and may be installed almost everywhere – the kind of earth does not matter. Even though they tend to be thicker than non-freestanding tents.

Although I am not certain if I would expect a freestanding tent in a storm with strong winds.

Green webbing as color-coding to your rainfly makes it very quick and simple to attach.

There is PU taping for both the rainfly’s seam as well as the interior tent seams, along with a PE flooring with welded corners that make this tent waterproof.

Included on this tent you will also get tent stakes, a carry bag, and a mud mat. The tent also includes storage pockets and a gear loft indoors. The gear loft may be used to maintain a tablet computer, letting you watch a movie whilst lying down, and the storage pockets are fantastic for keeping little things organized and from the ground. The sand mat consists of the exact same waterproof materials as the child’s floor, and it is good for keeping your shoes in order to not attract dirt within the tent.

The inside’s measurements are 13 x 9 feet, and the middle height is 6 feet 6 inches. It is spacious enough for two queen-sized airbeds to match indoors, in addition to all of your camping equipment. Additionally, it’s easy to walk around in the tent for taller folks.

This 8-person tent available also has an electric cable port at a corner of the tent, so you could readily bring electric power to the tent and maybe completely closed when you are not using it.

The roofing has mesh, as do the floor vents, and collectively they provide lots of venting and make certain no condensation immediately. Both floor vents are flexible so you can find the ideal number of fresh air coming in, based upon the temperature.

When it is time to pack up and move home, this scooter is at least as easy to take down since it’s the place up. Just make sure you leave the doorway so that any trapped air can escape and wait patiently. After all of the air is becoming out, it is possible to fit it within the transport bag.

It will consider 7.6kg, therefore it is not perfect to take backpacking together with you.


  • Immediate pop-up
  • Freestanding
  • Waterproof
  • Electrical cord port


  • Not perfect in strong winds
  • A bit heavy

NEMO Wagontop 8

The NEMO Wagontop 8 is undoubtedly a fantastic selection for an 8-person tent, but it is pricier than the Kingdom 8 to essentially the exact same product. There is plenty of space, it is simple to stand up indoors, and there is a terrific vestibule area that’s constructed into the rainfly layout.

The primary downside we discovered in comparison to this Kingdom 8 is the NEMO Wagontop just includes 1 door, whereas the Kingdom 8 includes two. Set-up is much like this Kingdom 8 and requires roughly precisely the exact same quantity of time too.

1 addition to this NEMO that’s well worth pointing out is that you are able to buy another addition under which you’ll be able to park a vehicle. This can make a massive impact concerning privacy and accessibility to your car, especially if you’re camping in a festival or occasion!


  • Very good screens and venting
  • Plenty of inside pockets
  • Standing height indoors


  • Just 1 door
  • Footprint not included

KAZOO Family Camping Tent

Technically this tent is considered a 6 individual tent but can fit 8 individuals if some of them are little, which makes it a fantastic tent for big families with small children. And, like Kingdom 8, this one has two doors for simple access so nobody is tripping over each other in the middle of the evening!

Another major selling point of this KAZOO Family Tent is your”instant” set-up layout. But contrary to other pop-up design tents, the KAZOO is really made of quite weatherproof and durable substance; it is not likely to defy the very same evaluations as the Kingdom 8, but it is going to keep you dry.

In comparison with a number of the additional best 8-man tents, the KAZOO is considerably lighter weight. This adds itself to be manageable for carrying in a backpack, but on the downside, it’s more kite-like in windy weather conditions.

After the rainfly is away, the KAZOO also includes good windows and mesh panels on the ceiling allowing for optimum ventilation. The rainfly may also extend to offer you a little more protection and vestibule area if wanted.


  • Quick setup
  • Lightweight
  • Mesh ceiling


  • Bad venting with rainfly on
  • Susceptible to being blown around

How to Pick the Proper Tent For You

How to Pick the Proper Tent For You

Thus, you’re smitten with obtaining a massive tent for celebrations or perhaps for family holidays. To do this accurately, you have to understand what variables are important for you and what may not matter as much.

When you’re deciding on an eight-person tent, then it is particularly important to consider all of the options since it is generally a more substantial investment in relation to a little tent.


Size is important, but how significant is it? You require a tent that’s going to be big enough to bring the entire family but how big is big enough?

It is dependent upon how comfortable you want to be.

It’s true, you may have the ability to squeeze seven individuals and grandma to the 14-foot tent and put everyone in there comfortably. Until you understand you’ve got eight individuals worth of equipment store someplace also.

Obviously, a producer can tell you it sleeps eight people and believes that there is the very best family camping tent from the Earth, but they don’t understand just how much space you want to be comfortable, so be sure to do your critical thinking on the proper dimensions for your circumstance.


Based on how you’re traveling will determine which sort of design you want. If you’re a family with teens who appreciate their own space, then you might choose to go to get a kayak with dividers and different rooms to permit everyone their relaxation.

You also wish to take into consideration, storage area. If you don’t need all your filthy gear rubbing against your face when you’re sleeping, then you might choose to go to get a tent using a storage vestibule.

The majority of the very best eight-person tents include that.


This is something which is particularly significant for me and something which most individuals don’t take into consideration when purchasing a tent. You’re too caught up with all of the bells and whistles to think of just how hard it’s going to be to take this out for your campsite after hiking for half an hour.

Having a lighter kayak comes less durability, so that is why you need to consider your use and that which you’ll do.

If you’re planning on backpacking than a lighter kayak is your thing to do however for traveling with the family wherever your campsite might just be 50 feet in the automobile then which should work well for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to prepare an 8-person tent?

This may vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer and even product to product. Some tents nowadays are branded”Pop-Up” or even”Quick-Set”. These designations demonstrate that the tent could be set up in just a moment or so thanks to specially designed folding inner frames.

More complex tents on the other hand may take around 15 minutes to establish, even in the event that you’ve got another individual helping out. This is sometimes due to more conventional kinds of interlocking fiberglass rods that, even while being very light and durable, may be somewhat complex if you’re looking in a tent you haven’t ever set up before.

Our official recommendation can be to set your tent up at home until you take it out because of the very first experience. This way you’ll have the ability to observe how it functions under good lighting, so once you get out in the woods you may appear to be a pro.

Can 8-person tents really fit 8 people?

You know what? Not really. Although it’s likely to fit 8 people inside these tents, they’ll be a shoulder to shoulder and there’ll be hardly any room for anybody’s gear. While technically possible, filling these tents to power is practical, but barely comfortable.

The actual advantage of an 8-person scooter is its capacity to turn into a camping experience into a convenient and comfortable time during the inclusion of additional distance, whether it’s to get mattresses tables, seats, or backpacks.

What type of tent poles are utilized with large tents?

For the most part, they’re the exact same fiberglass tent poles that were utilized intent production for decades and decades. The only difference will be how that a few of the frames match together with one another. 8 individual tents however are a bit larger than their smaller sisters, which means it is possible to anticipate that there’ll be many more poles and more weight.

How durable would be the flooring panels?

These changes based on the version. Many tents are intended to operate in tandem with another “footprint”, which protects the foundation of this tent from stones and tears while additionally provides a layer of necessary insulation between the kayak and the chilly ground.

However, a number of these bigger tents have some fairly durable floors. The identical sort of material they create tarps together, so it is both waterproof and tear-resistant. If you consider what type of damage a set of trekking boots with stones from the bottoms can perform to a tent flooring, you understand how important it’s to get a wonderful solid floor.

Can you hang equipment from the ceiling?

Gear hanging rings and hooks are getting to be an increasingly prevalent characteristic with tents of all sizes. However not all tents will get this feature, so check the product specs and watch. The majority of the time, producers will market this feature so that it is often very simple to tell.

Are 8-person tents too large to resist high winds?

8 individual tents are a whole lot taller than conventional camping tents, also because of this, it’s hard to design one which may keep the aerodynamic properties of a two or three-person tent. 8 individual tents tent to possess large rectangular partitions, which act as breeze sails and may pull the stand from the floor if it isn’t staked down properly.

But, it’s still very possible to utilize the included tips to raise the strain on the tent’s framework, thus rendering it that far more resilient from high winds. The bigger the kayak, the further guylines it may have, so inspect your kayak prior to using it in order to ensure you are not forgetting any of these.


Buying a high-quality eight-person household tent to your camping excursions is a wise investment and will cost considerably less than it will purchase a few smaller tents. They’ll provide you and your loved ones with loads of space to maneuver around and will provide a wonderful escape from adverse weather or perhaps only a tiny color on this warmer summertime.

Before buying your new eight-person family tent, don’t forget to do your homework and read testimonials to nail the features you’d love to have and also determine a more sensible budget.

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