4 Gift Ideas for the Active Person Who Has Everything

4 gift ideas for the active person who has everything

In a couple of months, a person you really love is having a birthday, or Christmas is coming, and you want to surprise him or her with an incredibly amazing and personalized present.

The only problem is that your loved one definitely falls into the “person who has everything” category, so you are struggling a bit to come up with something that is extra special and thoughtful—as well as something that he or she doesn’t already have.

Fortunately, there are plenty of unique and exciting gift ideas for people who are really hard to buy for, including the following suggestions:

Oura Ring Health Tracker

For birthday boys and girls who like to monitor their health or are trying to shed a few pounds, a fitness tracker is a great option. While traditional devices are very obvious and figuratively scream “I’m keeping track of my steps!”, an Oura Ring is a beautiful piece of jewelry that does anything a traditional tracker does and more while not looking like one. For instance, the Oura Ring measures the wearer’s temperature 24/7 and also tracks the amount of sleep and sleep quality, their resting heart rate, and more.

There are even color options available in case users want to dress up their tracker with some bling. Plu,s as long as anything fits snugly onto whichever finger they choose, then no information will be lost during wear; this makes getting started easy since most people have at least two fingers which could use such devices comfortably enough.

Alaskan Cruise

alaskan cruise

You want to make your partner feel like the most special person in your life? Give them something that they will never forget and take an adventure together! Why not go on an Alaskan cruise when the weather is warm and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy? You might find yourself becoming more open-minded or making lifelong friends.

Sure, you could spring for a wonderful night or two at a local resort or spa. Or, you could really up the birthday present ante to the next level and book you and your birthday love on an unforgettable cruise to Alaska. Alaska cruise vacations offer an incredible way to see some of the most breathtakingly beautiful parts of the country, and the Alaskan cruise prices can be so reasonable you can afford to get tickets for the two of you. To ensure the best Alaska cruise experience, you may want to tell your birthday loved one about your plans for the gift and then work with him or her on booking the best time to get away.

Espresso/Coffee Maker Combo

Caffeine aficionados will be sure to love an incredibly fancy espresso/coffee maker combination unit. For instance, the EM-1040 from Sur La Table features an Italian pump that gives each rich cup of espresso or coffee a rich layer of crema. A steam tube will let your birthday loved one create foamed milk and there is also a hot water option for tea fans. Combine this snazzy device with a few bags of coffee or espresso and perhaps a new mug and a selection of milks for steaming including dairy, almond, and oat.

Fancy Fitness Equipment

If your friend told you he or she would love to invest in one of those amazing pieces of fitness equipment for the home—surprising your favorite birthday person with a Peloton bike or a workout Mirror will be sure to make an impression. Then, if the budget allows, spring for some personal training sessions for the device and maybe a new workout outfit as well or a new pair of athletic shoes. It’ll give both parties lifelong memories they can enjoy together while getting healthier than ever before.

gift ideas for the active person who has everything peloton bike

To Make the Gift More Meaningful…

A gift is not always required….

If you find yourself under pressure to buy a present, consider sending someone an email or card instead. It can be just as meaningful and cost much less!

The most important thing is to REMEMBER THE RECIPIENT.

People often find themselves buying gifts for their friends and family members without taking the time to think about what would be most fitting. This can lead many people into a situation where they’re giving something that doesn’t match the recipient’s personality, which leaves nothing but disappointment at its end! 

Gifts should not be tit for tat, period.

This is a sentiment we should all aspire to live by. Gifts aren’t an obligation and they shouldn’t come at the cost of our relationship with someone else (or vice versa). When there’s no recognition in return on your end however; it may be time for some honest discussion about how far apart these two parties really feel – maybe even consider breaking tradition? But overall: don’t match the gifts quantity or cost point of a giving with that of an receive one.

Belated gifts: sometimes better late than never

It is better to apologize for something that was slightly delayed than not send it at all. The right apology shows you care, are considerate of their feelings ,and have nothing but respect in your heart towards them.

Happy Returns of the Day to Your Beloved

Buying a special and luxurious gift for someone who means the world to you—and who also has pretty much everything he or she needs—is definitely doable. It just takes a little creativity on your part combined with knowing what he or she would love. From a gorgeous ring that tracks fitness and a scenic cruise to the chance to play barista or get an incredible workout, your loved one will be sure to be in awe of these meaningful gifts.

When giving gifts on their special day, don’t forget that every wish should be sincere – take some extra effort this year so you have happy memories too. 

Hopefully the above suggestions will give you the most unique and meaningful gift ideas for the people you love.

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