Top 8 Best Bike Travel Case 2024 Review

Top 8 Best Bike Travel Case 2020 Review

For 2024, we investigated 20 of the best bike travel case options before settling to purchase and test. We then biked several miles with each one in tow; we packed and unpacked them put them on various bicycles, pitched them in and out of automobiles, and analyzed as far as you can for months on end.

Along with field testing, we utilize our critical attention to mull outside and compare the particulars of every instance. With this advice, we assess each predicated on six significant metrics to determine that favors an award, and that need to be left on the shelf. Whether you are a first-time motorcycle traveler or some globetrotting veteran, then we have excellent recommendations of best bike travel cases for you and your wallet.

Top 8 Best Bike Travel Case Brands - best triathlon bag

Top 8 Best Bike Travel Case Brands

Bestseller No. 2
Thule RoundTrip Transition – Hard Shell Bike Travel Case with Built-in Repair Stand
Thule RoundTrip Transition – Hard Shell Bike Travel Case with Built-in Repair Stand
Integrated wheels for easy transport; Integrated bike stand doubles as a convenient bike holder and work stand
Bestseller No. 3
SCICON Sports Aerocomfort 3.0 TSA Road Bike Travel Bag
SCICON Sports Aerocomfort 3.0 TSA Road Bike Travel Bag
Weight: 10,5 Kg; External Dimensions: 115x95x28 cm; Disk breaks ready; Rim breaks ready; Road bikes only
Bestseller No. 5
Bestseller No. 7
SCICON Sports Aerocomfort 3.0 TSA Triathlon Bike Travel Bag
SCICON Sports Aerocomfort 3.0 TSA Triathlon Bike Travel Bag
Weight: 11,50 Kg; External Dimensions 130x95x28 cm; Designed for Triathlon, Crono and Road bikes
Bestseller No. 8
Thule Roundtrip Road Bike Travel Case
Thule Roundtrip Road Bike Travel Case
Easily fasten the bike to the workstand inside the case for safe and secure transport; Padded interior packing panels are tailored to protect all parts of bike during transport
Bestseller No. 9
B&W International Bike Box - Bike Box II (96500)
B&W International Bike Box - Bike Box II (96500)
For simplified packing the top shell can be completely removed; The bike is mounted with several straps and protected by several layers of foam

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Scicon Aerocomfort 3.0

  • Form of Bike: Road
  • Compatibility: Quick Release, Thru Axle
  • To Remove: Wheelset
  • Weight: 8 kg

Scicon is potentially the most popular motorcycle tote manufacturer now, and a strong contender for making some of the best bike travel cases today.

It is used by 7 from 18 World Tour pro cycling teams in 2018, which contains the likes of Bora-Hansgrohe, Mitchelton-Scott, Bahrain-Medida, AG2R La Mondiale and Quick-Step Floors.

The Aerocomfort 3.0 is the improved version of this very popular 2.0 variant. Scicon has made many improvements based on client feedback. The 3 most important improvements are the addition of this thru-axles compatibility, new wheels system that was prone to breaking formerly, and fortified internal motorcycle bracket.

Preview Product Rating Price
Sci Con AEROCOMFORT 3.0 TSA Bike Travel Bag Sci Con AEROCOMFORT 3.0 TSA Bike Travel Bag No ratings yet

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It is still without a doubt the lightest bicycle bag on the marketplace these days.

At just 8kg, it is even lighter than its lightweight predecessor. Together with the bicycle packed inside, you are definitely way beneath the 20kg allowance which many airlines impose.

The thing I actually enjoyed about the Scicon Aerocomfort 3.0 is that the simplicity of the packaging and the minimum disassembly required. I would say most first-timers will probably require less than 10 minutes to get their bicycle securely packaged and ready to go. This is the best bike travel case.

Dakine Bike Roller

  • Weight: 17 Pounds, 15 oz
  • Attractive price tag
  • The quick and simple load process
  • Fork padding/cover is a Superb signature

The Dakine Bike Roller took home our Best Buy Award and is the best bike bags of a practical bike travel case for an appealing price point – without all the whistles and bells. What we’re left with is an easy and easy-to-use traveling case that’s totally capable of hauling your bicycle around the planet. The loading process is extremely easy; without a mounting framework on that to bolt-on your bicycle, the loading process is faster and easier than the contest.

Preview Product Rating Price
Dakine Bike Roller Bag Dakine Bike Roller Bag No ratings yet

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This contender for best bike travel case is not difficult to muscle around with lots of grips, and in addition, it boasts a minimal weight. This very low weight might not look all that significant, but if you’re approaching a maximum weight limitation determined by the airlines, two or three pounds gap in your travel case might be the difference. Another thing, the comprised fork cover/padding, is an excellent touch and protects the expensive component very nicely.

The Dakine case is not quite ideal. The loading process is simple and quick, but it’s a bit less secure when compared with the competition. The bicycle will have a tiny bit more movement inside the bag in contrast to the other choices where the bicycle mounts onto a framework inside the circumstance. This is a totally operational travel situation, but it can be better suited to the rider whose bicycle has witnessed some miles and misuse, and might not be worried about a tiny scrape or a scuff. This is the best bike travel case for traveling.

VeloVault2 bicycle box

Preview Product Rating Price
B&W International Bike Case B&W International Bike Case No ratings yet

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We quite liked the VeloVault2 bicycle box once we had it for evaluation. It is large and sturdy, but weighing in at 12.2kg signifies it ought to sneak under most airline weight controllers.

The business has sweated the small things, also. The clasps are caliber, it’s easy to shut and it rolls terrific. All in all, a lot of detail has gone into making it a candidate for the best bike travel case.

VeloVault2 bicycle box includes a fresh carrying handle, more wheelbase, improved strut layout and it’s a roof box prepared. Oh, and it’s now smart blue… Other colors are available.

 Biknd Helium V4 Bike Bag

  • Form of BiBike: Road, TT, CX, MTB
  • Compatibility: Quick, Release, Thru Axle
  • To Remove:  Handlebars, Saddle, Seatpost,…
  • WeWeight:.0 kg

Biknd is a Canadian brand, which is about creating advanced bike bags and fantastic bike travel cases. In reality, their very first product is the Helium bicycle bag that’s currently in its 4th edition, thus the V4.

Why is the Biknd Helium V4 unique is the exceptional manner that the protection mechanism is employed. It utilizes inflatable airbags that placed at either side of the tote.

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Packing the bicycle would need some disassembly work by eliminating the pedals, wheels, seat posts, and twisting the handlebars sideways. To make packing easier, both side and front panels could be opened completely.

If you are traveling with two sets of wheels, then you are in luck since the tote can fit all of them. Unlike other luggage where you maintain a wheel on each side, the Biknd Helium V4 can hold two wheels at every side.

BuxomBox Ventoux

  • Form of BiBike: Road
  • compatibility: quick Release, Thru Axle
  • To remove: wheelset, Handlebars, Saddle, Seatpost
  • weight:1.0 kg

BuxomBox is a little, UK-based company which specializes in bicycle boxes. Actually, bicycle boxes are their sole product available.

At first glance, the Ventoux Road cries everything of high quality. With that, in addition, it includes a premium price tag. You are warned.

For starters, the BuxomBox is created entirely out of aluminum. It is the exact same 6061 aluminum that is used to create high-end aluminum race bicycles. Not only do they seem really great, but they are also very durable and impact resistant.

There are 3 sizes for you to pick from, based upon your bicycle dimensions. In any case, you could even choose whether to encourage quick launch, through-axle, or even both.

With 4 grips, 2 in the top and two in the sides, you are able to move the tote around the airport easily. Both fixed and two caster wheels make matters much simpler. This is the best budget cases.

Rate Hound Freedom Road and Mountain Bike Travel Bag

  • Fits most street, Soil, and triathlon bicycles
  • Fits around a 28-inch wheel
  • 4 x 11.4 x 14.2 inches, 18.52 pounds
  • Soft bag

The Speed Hound Freedom Road and Mountain Bike Travel Bag are good for those seeking to keep their bikes safely if car camping or travel in your motor vehicle. This tote is big and will fit every individual portion of the bicycle in another, designated compartment of this bag.

For your bike to fit properly from the Speed Hound Freedom Bag, you need to disassemble every main portion of your bicycle. It follows your wheels, seat, handlebars, and pedals have to be separated out of the framework of your bicycle so as to match right.

Preview Product Rating Price
Thule Round Trip Sport Bike Travel Case Thule Round Trip Sport Bike Travel Case No ratings yet

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There’s additional space in this bag to make sure there’s a location for your biking helmet and shoes, also. With cushioned protection, your bike won’t ever get ruined by bumps and lumps. This bag also makes transport readily with a total of seven functioning handles.

Wherever you want to grip your luggage from, there’ll be something to hold to create lifting it simpler. The Speed Hound Freedom Road and Mountain Bike Travel Bag are excellent if you do not mind disassembling your bike and placing it back together once you will need to.

Topnaca MTB Soft Mountain and Road Bikes Transport Bag

  • Nylon, waterproof material
  • Fits 28-inch wheeled bike or not as
  • Fits Road Bikes and Soft Mountain Bikes, not Acceptable for Geometric Bicycle
  • 63 x 7.87 x 33.46 inches, 5.6 pounds

The Topnaca MTB Soft Mountain and Road Bikes Transport Bag who workest for men and women who need a small, simple bag to transport their bicycles in. This best roller bag will make sure you won’t harm your bike if you would like to take it through the rain.

Equipped with a long shoulder strap, then you are able to sew this bag over your shoulder or arm easily and take it like that. To match your bike inside this bag, remove the handlebars and wheels and set the framework in the large internal compartment.

This bag also offers additional space for more materials or tools you might choose to bring along with you. The Topnaca MTB Soft Mountain and Road Bikes Transport Bag are very good for an easy transport method should you want to bring your bike someplace.

Trico Iron Case – Bike Travel Case

  • 47 x 10.5 x 30.5 inches, 31 pounds
  • Equipped for almost any bike type
  • Fits around 29-inch wheel dimensions

The Trico Iron – Bike Travel Case is a special sort of bike case that may hold any bike type till a 29-inch wheel foundation. This situation is unlike many others available on the market due to its different outer coating and internal protection. To match your bike from the Trico Iron Case, you have to remove both pedals, wheels, and chairs.

Preview Product Rating Price
Trico Iron Case - Bike Travel Case Trico Iron Case - Bike Travel Case No ratings yet

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All of them go to a prospective slot after disassembled. This instance includes three layers of foam to the interior of the tricky polycarbonate situation to cushion and protect your bike from any lumps or if it gets stuck at all. The case closes using a pair of straps wrapped around groves at the difficult case.

The Trico Iron Case – Bike Travel Case is the best bike travel case for virtually any bicycle type and is most effective for people who want to travel by car or train.

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What should you look for in the best bike travel case?

Alright, so you have taken a while to check over the various transport options above and you’ve realized that, hey, you need a travel case for your bike. Now comes the challenging part.

We are going to break down the various elements of a bike traveling case/bag so you understand what you’re looking at and what you’re searching for when it’s time to do some shopping. We are going to sort each class by an essential aspect of the product.


So, right off the bat, we’re likely to acquire the fundamental question out-of-the-way: Would you desire a tough shell travel case or would you desire a soft-sided bag? There are positives and negatives for every fashion and only you can know which one is going to work for you. Let us dive into the pros and cons of every style for an instant.

Hard Cases

With tough cases, you’re obtaining a container that will withstand pretty much any lumps and bruises which may be delivered your way. Envision your bike in the base of a towering heap of luggage. Would you like it in a soft tote? Probably not. one other hand, but your hard instances are a hassle to travel with after you’re out of this terminal along with you, obviously, need to do something together whenever you’re riding. They’re heavy and also a problem to store in smaller cars.

Soft Cases

With gentle instances, your objective is to receive something lightweight, simple to keep, and powerful enough to protect your bike from the occasional scrape and bruise. They’re more affordable than the tricky case boxes and many of them include an aluminum frame on the interior to be able to maintain the framework of the situation out and protective. However, like previously let us examine our towering luggage situation. Do you need your soft cased bicycle in the base of a thick heap? We are not so convinced.


Alright, when you begin searching for the best bike travel case, you want to ensure it includes a heavy-duty pair of wheels. There’s absolutely no way that you wish to be carrying out your bicycle around by hand and you definitely don’t need to be beholden to borrowing a dolly carrier anyplace you go. In case you’ve got the choice, always opt for luggage which has recessed alternatives for your wheels. You are going to wish to have the ability to tuck them away when they are not in use so as to reduce damage while in transit.


You clearly will need to search for the best bike travel case that will fit your bicycle. but you also wish to consider that less is really more. When traveling, especially on airplanes, you’re likely to have to conserve as much distance as possible in order to prevent extra checking penalties. Start looking for a bag or box which will be ample enough to house the bike while being relatively streamlined. Becoming streamlined also makes the situation more prone to resisting punishment during a lengthy time period.

There’s 1 sort of spin in your search for dimension. In case you’ve got a little road bike you virtually do not require a decked out traveling situation. But in case you’ve got a bigger mountain bike or some other big variety then you might choose to give yourself more wiggle room. You do not wish to be standing at the top of your situation so as to have it closed and the excess room inside will be convenient for miscellaneous supplies you will need to travel with.


One other important quality of the best bike travel case or tote is the inside cushioning. Now, needless to say, it’s necessary to get a solid exterior so as to divert all kinds of disturbance but you also need the inside to be cushioned too. It would not help anybody in the event that you saved your bicycle from being squished just to get it broken apart on the interior due to the bits moving against another.

Start looking for storage totes that have inside attachments for lashing down your parts. It is also possible to start looking for bags or instances which are heavily cushioned to the inside so that your bicycle does not bang against the tough plastic and accumulate bumps, scratches, and scrapes. If you do not mind spending the extra cash then you may proceed and purchase filler padding and bring it with you. Bubble wrap, foam inserts, old clothes – whatever you have to keep the bicycle safe until you reach your destination.


Next, you have to consider how thick the bike case will be along with your bicycle inside. If you intend on flying then you will want to concentrate on airline pound limitations. Ensure that you cover your bases by checking out the weight allowances for a variety of airlines you could wind up using. You do not need to wind up incurring additional fees at each twist and flip if it is possible to prevent it. Additionally, we ought to ensure you know: weight and size are unrelated. A fabric bag can be bigger than a hard case but the challenging case will be thicker.


Eventually, you may want to pay heed to the convenience aspect when hunting for the best bike travel case. Some will be big enough that you don’t need to disassemble every bit of your bike. Other luggage will probably be tight in shape, requiring you need to split it down quite far. Do you want to avoid having to completely re-assemble your bike at your destination? Would you wish to be able to open the bag and find your ride ready to go? Wherever you fall on this subject, this is definitely something to pay a little attention to.


Q: Exactly what parts of my bicycle have to be disassembled once I package it into a traveling case?

A: To receive your bicycle to fit in a typical travel case, eliminate the handlebars, wheels, saddle, and pedals. Use a pedal wrench to remove the pedals. It’s also advisable to lower the seat post and eliminate any accessories onto the handlebars and bicycle frame.

Q: Do airlines permit bike travel cases?

A: Check with the airline to find out about their luggage weight limitation, costs, and other coverages. Some airlines have limitations on the size of traveling cases. Call well in advance to be certain they will accept the traveling case on your trip date.

Q: Can I package my own bicycle in a cardboard box rather than a traveling case?

A: A cardboard box is the standard delivery method as it is affordable and light. Additionally, it retains the bicycle safe if it is properly packaged. But, cardboard boxes fall apart when wet and provide minimal impact protection. It is far better to invest in the best bike travel case if you would like to transfer your bicycle over extended distances.


There are loads of bike travel bags and cases on the market for you to select from. This can get confusing and difficult if you’re uncertain of what you’re searching for, so hopefully, this guide may lead one to make the ideal choice concerning the best bike travel case for you.

Always make sure you take a look at the specifications of every bag or case to ensure that your bicycle tires will match. You do not need to wind up in a last-minute embarrassing situation!

With your bike carrying bag or case, you will eventually be able to completely enjoy the fun and exercise of your favorite bike when traveling into new or often visited places!

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8 thoughts on “Top 8 Best Bike Travel Case 2024 Review

  1. Dalton Bourne says:

    This Evoc Bike Travel Bag has exceeded all expectations; it’s sturdy and adaptable to any bike. It is easy to maneuver and moves smoothly on its wheels. It also has the advantage of not being quite as large as a hard case when it comes to storage. Overall, I’m pleased with my purchase

  2. Patrick Wise says:

    CyclingDeal is a well-made and simple-to-use product. My bike has aero bars, and we were able to package the handlebars without having to remove the aero bars. There is a cushioning layer in the middle. The pedals are nicely tucked away in a pocket. The case has wheels and good handles to pull it.

  3. Andrew Yang says:

    This B & W International Bike Case is a really nice travel box. It is extremely lightweight and has an incredible lifespan. My racing bike fit easily into the case and was very well protected because  its self-reinforced curve structure is suitable for road and gravel bikes, mountain bikes, and downhill bikes. The best feature of this bike case is that it is impact-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and tough, even at low temperatures. Also, this bike case is so hassle-free when walking, as it is designed with four easy-rolling wheels. For my trip, I was able to easily roll my bag with one hand and pull the bike case with the other, which was really nice.

  4. Patrick says:

    Evoc is also a great bike travel bag. The distinct sections for bike wheels, which were meant to keep both separate and safe inside the backpack, are particularly impressive. It also has a primary compartment that may hold the bike frame as well as other small components.

  5. Bruno John says:

    With the ROCKBROS mountain bike travel case, I can easily bring my bike when travelling. I like how this travel case was made from high-quality 600D Oxford fabric material for the outer layer, making it sturdy and long-lasting. It also comes with pockets inside to store our bike’s tools, plus outside pockets for small items. One thing that this travel case has amazed me is its triple protection features. First, there is room for the wheels, which feature fixing buckles to prevent crashing between the tires. 

  6. Bruno John says:

    The only issue I’ve encountered with this product is about the lacking handles. Not all the time that you want to roll the case, so it would have been easier to lift or carry it if there are handles on the sides.

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