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The best camping saw

There appears to be this misconception, when traversing the fantastic outdoors seeking wood for a campfire or to create a refuge, a wood-chopping ax is the only instrument you want. The reality is, you can certainly get by using an ax, hatchet, or tomahawk in case you’d like to. But, it is not the perfect instrument for your job in the event of bigger pieces of timber or whenever you would like clean cuts. For those conditions, a camp saw is vital.

Unfortunately, your ordinary wood saw is somewhat unwieldy for off-the-beaten-path use. Luckily, there are lots of makes and brands which have figured out ways to make them even compact, eloquent, and trekking, and/or backpacking-friendly. But if you need one which excels in half, comes apart and shops inside itself, or is hardly more than only a string with handles, you’ll have precisely that and you’ll be able to find all of your wood sawing done if you are on your backyard or outside in the center of the Yukon. Keep reading My Trail Company will help you to find out the best camping saw.

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The best camping saw brands

Bestseller No. 1
Folding Saw, Heavy Duty Extra Long 11 Inch Blade Hand Saw for Wood Camping, Dry Wood Pruning Saw With Hard Teeth By REXBETI, Quality SK-5 Steel
Aggressive staggered teeth ( 7 TPI ) allows ultra smooth and sharp sawing; Extra long design folding saw
Bestseller No. 3
Agawa Canyon - BOREAL21 Folding Bow Saw - Black Frame, Green Handle, All-Purpose Blade
LIGHT & PACKABLE: Length (21”/53cm) & Weight (17oz/480g)
Bestseller No. 4
Sven-Saw 21 inch Folding Saw
All metal - Crafted from the highest quality materials. Built to last; Perfect for everything from yardwork to wilderness
Bestseller No. 6
FLORA GUARD Folding Hand Saw, Camping/Pruning Saw with Rugged 7.7 Inch Blades Professional Folding Saw Razor Tooth Sharp Blade Solid Grip(Red)
Ideal saw for cutting through large tree branches; Triple-cut razor teeth hardened to stay sharp for smooth, fast sawing.
Bestseller No. 8
Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw, 7-1/2 -Inch Blade, 7 TPI
XT Toothing, 7 TPI. Blade is specially coated for rust protection and low friction.; Two-component plastic handle for perfect grip, with leather strap.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Bahco 10-24-51 24-Inch Ergo Bow Saw for Dry Wood and Lumber
Country of Origin:Portugal; Package length:11.0"; Package width:11.0"; Package height:7.1"
SaleBestseller No. 10
Zippo 3-in-1 Axesaw
5" full tang 420 stainless steel axe head & durable polymer handle with saw blade storage; 15" hardened stainless steel saw blade

Kershaw Buck Commander Folding Saw

Preview Product Rating Price
Kershaw Buck Commander 1445ORBCX Half-Ton Folding Knife Kershaw Buck Commander 1445ORBCX Half-Ton Folding Knife No ratings yet $14.69

Using its seven-inch blade, this is among the very compact folding camp generators in our list — but it is still a lot tough to resist heavy use in the wonderful outdoors. As you may imagine from its title, this one is meant to be used for searching purposes in addition to engineered wood using its super durable high-carbon, nickel-plated steel blade. Additionally, it boasts a crispy glass-filled nylon handle with a rubber overlay that is great in both wet and dry weather. Plus it includes a push-button lock for safety when in use.

Oversaw 8.0 Pull Cut Saw

If just for the fact that it includes a lifetime guarantee, the Oversaw 8.0 Pull Cut Saw is well worth considering adding to a loadout of outdoor and camping equipment. That is not, but the one thing which makes it rewarding not by a long shot. It also features an 8″ blade finish with triple-cut razor teeth for smooth and fast cutting-edge. And the handle is more comfortable and grippy for prolonged usage in almost any weather. For the price you’ll pay, it is definitely difficult to do better than that one.

SOG Folding Saw

SOG has been producing ruggedized folding gear for quite a while now. Long enough, in actuality, which it is possible to trust them sight-unseen, to create a strong folding saw. And their take with this exterior tool doesn’t fail in either style or substance. The high-carbon steel blade features a black powder coating finish for a more menacing appearance and updated durability, and also the fitting soft-grip TPR handle is comfortable and dependable. Additionally, it will come with a limited lifetime guarantee against flaws, and that means it is possible to rely upon its own built quality for a long time to come.

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

Even in the event that you excuse the fact that the Bahco Laplander folding camp saw boasts a fine look, using its black-finished blade and woods green manage, it would make this record because of its entire constructed quality, fabrics, and packability. Its 7.5″ toothed blade is excellent for sawing all types of materials, such as timber, brush, as well as animal bone. Along with also the mix handle offers up lots of traction. Last, it has a handy security lock which will keep the blade closed, helping to prevent any unfortunate injuries.

Filzer Buckster Bow Saw

Preview Product Rating Price
Filzer Buckster Bow Saw BBS-1 Filzer Buckster Bow Saw BBS-1 No ratings yet

The majority of the additional camp saws on this listing feature a folding arrangement. And while folding might certainly cut down somewhat on the majority of a saw, they are still a lot awkward and need a lot shorter blade compared to ordinary wood saws. Filzer’s Buckster Bow Saw divides the gap by offering a conventional format and length using a collapsible construction. The 18″ steel blade is a great deal longer than many folding mobile generators, but the entire device can fall down and package inside itself leading to one 19″ cylindrical tube that is easy to pack and take.

Sven-Saw Folding Wood Saw

Preview Product Rating Price
Sven Saw Sven Saw No ratings yet

Combining the durability and convenience of a folding blade using all the sturdiness of a bow saw, the Sven-Saw is a fascinating solution for a camping wood-cutting tool. The folding arrangement makes this easily and firmly package saw, but the arrangement adds a little bit of power not found in its folding brethren. Additionally, it does not hurt the Sven-Saw is offered in 18 or 21-inch possibilities are created right here in the united states and include a lifetime warranty.

Nordic Pocket Saw

Surely the most special of these mobile camp saws in our listing, the Pocket Saw is the greatest alternative for the ounce-counting minimalist backpacker. That is due mostly to the fact that it doesn’t have any stiff structure of that to talk. Instead, it acts like a chainsaw, except minus the saw itself. That does mean that the sawing motion is somewhat different you tug instead of push onto the log but it is also the most mobile and collapsible of those choices on this list. In reality, it’s even small enough you could put it in the pocket of your trousers if you’d like to. For reference, the grips are made from sturdy nylon.

Gerber Freescape Camp Saw

Preview Product Rating Price
Gerber Freescape Camp Saw [31-002820] Gerber Freescape Camp Saw [31-002820] No ratings yet $50.76

When there’s some band that knows how to generate a sturdy outdoor-focused cutting instrument, it is Gerber. Can it be a pocket knife, hatchet, or even a folding saw, this EDC and outside staple manufacturer have you covered? Their Freescape Camp Saw is great for many reasons. To begin with, it has the power to fold completely flat, which makes storage when not using a snap. However, it also takes any standard 12″ blade. That usually means swapping a boring one is super easy giving this device a few unheard-of strength. All told this is among the most impressive choices on this listing.

Zippo AxeSaw

Preview Product Rating Price
Zippo AxeSaw Zippo AxeSaw No ratings yet

Among the biggest drawbacks to other camp saws on this listing is that their lack of flexibility. All of these, except for its Zippo AxeSaw, work only as a watch. This one, however, is a double-threat, using a practical 15″ saw blade along with a 420 stainless steel ax head. This way, in regards to outside cutting jobs, you have got your bases covered in this single, mobile, versatile instrument. Additionally, it boasts a security sheath so that you may avoid cutting yourself when using the back part of this ax features a mallet tip that is useful for hammering camping tent positions.

Silky BIGBOY 360 Folding Saw

As soon as it’s a bit on the bulky side of this spectrum weighing 1.25 pounds using a blade that steps up at over 14 inches there is no denying what a leading camp saw that the Silky BIGBOY 360 is. This poor boy is strong and hard, with six teeth per inch which could make fast work of virtually any cutting job. Truly, the only downside to this ultra-functional found is that it’s going to occupy a great deal more space than some of the alternatives on our listing. But that is hardly a drawback considering just how much you get from it.

Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Campsite Saw

The Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw places a massive focus on its teeth, and it is a choice that pays. This instrument includes three-sided teeth, despite its comparatively low TPI, it preserves the sense of a razor-sharp saw with more teeth. The teeth are impulse-hardened, making them a lot stronger, and means you are going to inadvertently chip off them far less frequently than you may with poor saws. Additionally, it has an ergonomic handle, which can be something you might not appreciate until you hold yourself and understand how comfy it is.

Additionally, this is a pull saw. Pull saws have a reputation for being easier to work with and requiring less power per stroke than several similar kinds of saws. Sadly, this saw is prone to rust, particularly if it’s left outside or saved in a place with high levels of humidity. For the price tag, we want to find a much more powerful coating to resist rust and also assist the blade last more than a couple of decades. However, this saw cuts that many users are going to be pleased with the value they get for their purchase.


The FLORA GUARD Folding Pruning & Camping Saw is a different instrument that will complement most camping excursions nicely. The three-sided teeth raise the quantity of material removed with every pull of this saw, raising the rate where you could watch without raising the job required. The handle is quite comfortable, and when you are pruning plants around the lawn, you will not wear out your hands fast enjoy some will. Additionally, it weighs over ten ounces, making throwing it at a backpack no big deal in any way.

But what we enjoy most is its low cost. You may get it for less than half what you would spend on the top two versions on our listing, but it includes a number of the exact same fantastic features. This makes for an unbelievable bargain and makes this version the very best folding saw for camping. But, it will have a thinner blade, which may make it tough to cut branches over an inch thick. For Quicker work, it is going to cut fast and will make the huge majority of users happy campers.

Saw - best bow saw camping

Sportsman Pocket Chain Camp-Saw

The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw is a pocket saw or even a chainsaw that’s mounted on grips so that you can run it without pulling a bulky chainsaw around. This version is 36 inches, which means it’s possible to find a good deal of cutting performed on each stroke. It is resharpenable, which can be something you are not likely to be able to perform together with saws on our listing. Additionally, this is among the few tools available on the marketplace which still includes a lifetime guarantee. That is a fantastic indication that the manufacturer actually believes in its own product.

But this saw has a couple of problems which make it a bad choice in certain camping scenarios. It may battle with dry wood, even though if you are mainly clearing a green brush, then you should not have a problem with it. Additionally, it struggles to have a grip thick bark. That means it is not as useful in most situations as other versions of our listing. As soon as it’s very mobile, it would have to be a far better overall purpose tool to grow on our listing.

Lanier Folding Pruning & Camp-Saw

The Lanier Hand Folding Pruning Saw Is Quite forgettable. It includes an ergonomic handle, which isn’t the most comfortable on the market, but maybe not the worst, either. The teeth on the blade are heat-treated, so that they should not chip off easily through usage, and they need to be fine to use on bark and even tougher forests. The fold, the seven-inch blade does save a while, but the layout is complete quite strange. The handle loops around the area that stores the blade, so it consumes more room than your average folding knife. That is not something you would like if you are intending to go camping.

The deal is made from plastic. As you may guess, so it is prone to breaking if you want it most. The blade is also quite flexible, even if working with small branches. That makes it difficult to cut through virtually anything and may pose a possible threat to people with the saw. In the end, this saw simply does not do all that well. Although it’s extremely cheap, most consumers will probably be satisfied if they receive a tool that could find the work done and will continue.

Agawa Canyon Boreal 21

This folding bow saw is really lightweight and durable you could use it for all of your camping needs. The plan is genius only unfold and snap into position minimal effort required.

Bow gears for camping may frequently be rigid and are not perfect to continue, so this is among the greatest folding saw choices we’ve discovered it is essentially a two in 1 hand watched layout. You won’t require any tools for building or altering the blade, and an anodized aluminum framework means that this folding bow saw is extremely durable.

You will be in a position to clean trails quickly together with all the rust-resistant 21-inch blade that’s intended for cutting big timber when you are trekking, hunting, or performing overall bushcraft.

Silky Hand Saw

Preview Product Rating Price
Silky Zubat Hand Saw 13'/330mm Large Tooth Curved Blade Silky Zubat Hand Saw 13"/330mm Large Tooth Curved Blade No ratings yet $115.75

Ideally used for trimming and pruning, this can be a camping saw which you can not live without. This may cut everything quicker, simpler, and brighter due to the chrome plating.

The blade features a ragged teeth layout that’s powerful enough to cut through the thick wood. We adore the constant blade which goes throughout the ergonomic rubber grip it is an innovative way to reduce tension and eliminate breakage.

Transfer this camp saw where you choose a custom made sheath like a D-ring you could attach to your self so that you are able to roam freely. Weighing less than two lbs, it’s among the greatest survival gears based on its top quality.

Tarvol Folding Hand Saw

If you’re searching for quality on a budget, then look no farther than the Tarvol Folding Hand Saw. For camping, trimming, cutting edge, and even off-trail bushcraft, the flexibility is endless

Retracting down to only 8.5-inches using a diameter of 2-inches, it is possible to throw this directly on your bag or pocket. Its worth also makes it one of the very best camping bow saw on the market. Additional details include a hole for hanging when not in use and a sturdy locking mechanism for both closing and opening.

Great for emergencies or little pruning tasks, this camping saw cuts quickly and demanding to get a quick outcome.

Hooyman Cordless Pole Saw

Among the very best bow saw for camping on the current market, the Hooyman Cordless Saw can help save you time and energy with a wonderful high-power motor. The 40V lithium-ion battery may last for hours with only a 60-minute charge period, and you are able to transfer it with you anywhere with all the convenient carry bag.

Reach high branches using a 16-foot expansion or buy an additional pole extension to get a massive array of 20-feet.

Whether you’re trying to find a survival saw for cutting firewood, creating your shelter, or making way for shooting lanes, then this can be a camp found that you could actually rely upon. Additionally, weighing under 10 pounds signifies that you don’t need to lug around a bulky camping saw.

Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw

Simple to use, store, and take, this streamlined extendable fold saw is essential-have for many outdoorsmen and women. Using a huge expansion of around 10-feet, and retraction of all 28-inches, you may take advantage of this camping saw for everything from survival and hunting, to trimming and pruning into your own backyard.

Boasting a fashionable design, the I-beam aluminum construction makes it incredibly durable, and let’s not neglect the ingenious, positive lock system which makes sure that everything stays in position.

I especially adore the exclusive MegaBite XP 4-edge razor layout of this durable blade it creates for super easy cuts with minimal effort.

Chain made Survival Pocket Saw

Ideal for cutting edge, this brilliant mobile survival saw fits neatly in your pocket for ultimate advantage. This saw will open your eyes to the potential for cutting and quickly, with no necessity for a dangerously heavy mechanical saw.

The carbon steel blade is designed to cut in both directions, which means it’s possible to cut quickly and with less effort. The razor teeth may even be resharpened to create certain that you are able to use it for as long as you can. For cutting branches that are high, you may use another burden for leverage.

We have also noticed the strong strap handles are oversize to accommodate large winter gloves, and it is a very wonderful touch if you enjoy braving the colder weather.

Rexbeti Folding Saw

Significantly less expensive than the significant BOY 2000, this Rexbeti has lots of the very same features and is ideal for those on a budget. It’s small and light, an ideal instrument for light packers and individuals that will stay on the go for a very long time period, such as rabbits. It’s staggered teeth for smooth sawing and also a comfy rubber-coated handle so that you will not lose your grip as you’re cutting small logs.

This Rexbeti also has a durable steel blade that makes it ideal for use while swimming and at home on the lawn. It only weighs approximately 12 ounces, so that you won’t be amazing in the event that you add it to your bag. Its staggered teeth permit for cutting both the push and pull strokes, so it cuts both directions even though you’re using it on the wood. It remains covered when in the folded position so that there will not be any rips, tears, or injuries if you take it with you.

Fantastic for light occupations, this saw is light and efficient. It’ll make fast work of whatever trimming, pruning, or draining job you’ve got. And with its own steel blade, you might tire out until it will! Great opening saw and economical enough to make a fantastic addition to any group, regardless of what the experience degree.

The Friendly Swede Folding Hand Saw’

This saw is ideal for any task, from small carpentry to gardening and camping. Super lightweight at just over 9 ounces, in addition, it includes a wonderful handle-to-blade ratio, so that the shorter blade on this version provides additional stability during use. For whatever you can imagine that may come up as you are enjoying a rocky all-natural way of life, this saw will fold up and come together with you.

It cuts the push and pulls on, producing any hands-on pursuits that a great deal more effective. For restricted camping, this saw is great for cutting and clearing edge. Trailblazers appearing to get way into the crazy will delight in the unobtrusiveness of the Friendly Swede hand observed.

1 variable that puts this saw before the remainder is its own quite comfortable, ergonomically designed TPR (thermoplastic rubber) manage, which provides ease of use plus a good grip regardless of the temperature, far better than the usual plastic grip. The clasp can withstand a broad selection of temperatures without damaging the vinyl, which means that you may expect to get a firm and comfortable deal for your duration of this saw.

Another thoughtful inclusion is that the 2 spans of paracord attached to the handle. It is possible to use these for jobs like hanging a hammock up, or you may use them to hang on the saw for storage or transfer. On top of that, this version includes all the Friendly Swede lifetime guarantee, so regardless of what occurs, you may always call their customer support group, who’ll make certain that your Friendly Swede hand observed lasts a lifetime.

Mossy Oak Folding Hand Saw

This hand saw provides a whole lot of variety as it includes a single blade for trimming, just one for plastic or wood, and the third for the alloy. These blades may be changed quite readily by unscrewing a black knob located close to the center of the knife. This also provides the choice to modify the management of the blade should you find you will need to do so to get a market project.

A green functional safety lock covers the black knob through usage so that you may make confident the blade is securely and safely secured in place. After the saw isn’t being used, you may use the lock program to be certain it stays closed, protecting both you and your property should you want to maintain the Mossy Oak watched on your tote. This saw can cut through bone, wood, plastic, and metal up to a specific depth.

Preview Product Rating Price
Barton Kramer Brown Wood Sliding Door Handle Barton Kramer Brown Wood Sliding Door Handle $17.99

This saw is comparatively low priced and it has a sheath which will also take both spare blades. As you won’t have the ability to cut a willow tree using this observed ably handles cutting anything relative to its dimensions. The timber blade can be resharpened in case it dulls over time. As with other lightweight versions, you might discover this saw wobbles somewhat if you do not have the expertise to keep it steady. Nonetheless, generally speaking, this is a very versatile and competent saw for a very low cost.

How to Select a Camping Saw - best takedown camping saw

Buyers Guide: How to Select a Camping Saw

When cutting timber, there are essentially two big things we search for: rate and capability. As these are significant, there are lots of different aspects that we have to consider so that we are able to select the very best camping folding saw escapades.


Nobody needs their watched to snap in half whilst cutting off, so picking camping saw that’s top quality is so essential. You wish to look closely at the quality of each part of your camp viewed, which comprises the blade, the handle, along with some other smaller components like additional handle attachments, attachments, and spare parts, and even when it includes replacement blades. The standard of any survival saw can also be depending on the substances that are utilized. You would like to search for high-grade carbon or stainless steel for the blade, and aluminum rather than vinyl for the remaining components.


Typically, you get what you pay for. But, our list has contained some wonderful choices that we’ve discovered are cheap and get the work done just as any other pricey camping saw could. Fantastic excellent camp saws are available for reasonable rates and work well for all sorts of bushcraft, which means that you really can get value for the money.


Cutting wood could be a fairly hard job, which explains the reason why you have to feel confident when doing this. Just like lots of the saws cite over, an ergonomic hand found that’s equipped with your comfort in mind would be the best camping hand saw. Consider the form of the deal, while it’s grippy sufficient and will not slide around, and consider the burden of this camp saw. The majority of the ideal survival gears are lightweight in construction to decrease exhaustion, but still durable enough to saw wood for hours.


We’ve selected brands that are dependable and are experts in the subject of camping saws. Finest high-quality hand saws are generally produced by firms that produce top-of-the-line outdoor products that have been tried and tested. We agree you could discover other excellent camp saws on the current market, but we’ve discovered that these are especially outstanding brands.


Employing a high-quality camping saw is critical once you’re working outside since it can be a risky job. A good deal of the hand’s saws we’ve mentioned feature components aside from any ordinary watched — that the pocket saws have hand attachments, along with the folding gears has clever locking mechanisms. With these additional elements, you have to be certain yours is a fantastic quality so as to cut wood efficiently.

Blade Efficiency & Design

Knowing the teeth of a blade, and also the way they are going to perform for the sort of wood trimming you wish to do is a huge part of deciding upon the very best foldable camping hiking saw. The teeth are quantified using TPI (Teeth-Per-Inch) and we propose using blades involving 7-9 TPI for all-purpose cutting-edge. The lower your TPI, the quicker the cut, but that means less precision.

The period of the blade onto a camping saw can also be something that you have to consider. Not only is it significant for the kind of cutting job that you would like to do, but in addition, it impacts how you transfer and keep the camp saw.

Pocket gears and folding gears are designed with portability in mind, so the dimensions of this blade are considered. Hand saws with thicker blades might be heavier to carry around but have a superb cutting edge capacity.

The angle of a blade may also be distinct for several camping gears and may vary from straight or curved. It is dependent upon your taste, but curved gears normally work best budget camping hand saw that are tough to achieve and with thinner diameters. Straight blade saws work great for fundamental cutting tasks and thicker wood.


Having the capability to carry your hands saw with your anyplace is a massive benefit in the outside, and particularly if it may fit in you back or perhaps in your own pocket. This also depends upon where, why, and how you are going to use it. Should you use a hand saw for bigger bush trail tasks, it might take longer because of the smaller dimensions, but the portability is very handy. The very best battery power saw for camping are often lightweight and take up minimum space in your equipment, which means you don’t need to drag around any excess weight.

Handle Structure

Feeling comfy when trimming wood should be your top priority, and also the construction of the deal should be specially made for simplicity of use. We urge aluminum grips with an excellent rubber handle, or to get a less expensive alternative, exceptionally dense plastic may also do the job nicely.


Whatever you are considering doing on the outside, having camping watched is really a necessary part of any experience. We’ve shown that there isn’t simply 1 sort of success saw, which knowing the advantages of each one is going to enable you to determine what’s the best hand saw for cutting firewood camping which will fit your requirements.

The camping saws we’ve mentioned were selected thanks to their flexibility and durability, and their capacity to decrease timber quickly and efficiently. Combined with their smart designs that are constructed for advantage, we think that camping now has never been simpler with those top-quality camping saws.

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