Top 32 Best Hiking Pants For Women Review 2024

Best Hiking Pants For Women

For girls finding a set of day to day, pants can be an intimidating job. Hiking pants pose an even larger obstacle – they ought to be durable and practical if they possess a fit, and it doesn’t hurt. With all the features and specs to compare, it could be a bit overwhelming looking for the perfect pair.

We track-tested lots of hiking trousers in sun, sunlight, and snow to find out our favorites. Nevertheless, clothes are private, so the choice for you may come down to your activity level and taste. We break down all the best features from knees to zip-off legs.

So if you’re after the best hiking pants combining comfort, technical performance, and style for your next treks, the search is over! In this guide, My Trail Co will help you find the absolute best hiking pants for women.

Hiking Pants For Women



Purchasing a pair of hiking trousers doesn’t need to break the bank, but don’t attempt and cut corners to save a couple of dollars! In the long term, acquiring the appropriate set of trousers for your trekking experience will make all of the difference in whether you get a favorable experience, particularly in the event that you experience foul weather.


Bear in mind the cardinal rule for many hiking clothes cotton is rotten. The same as tops, it’s very important to consider the fabric and materials types when picking hiking pants. Deciding on a fabric that’s durable, but provides some stretch is as important as picking a cloth that is watertight, but warm.


A pair of trousers that’s waterproof is impenetrable to water, but lightweight, hiking softshells will consume any water so as to provide breathability. The trousers will probably be categorized meaning that they are able to withstand a certain amount of moisture, not behave like a sponge.

With heavy rains, the trousers will start to absorb any water, although some trousers are recorded which means they’ve coatings which will bead up water. In the event of weather that is severe, pants created with a quick-drying substance will dry quicker.

On day excursions in milder states, a water-resistant noodle will probably be all you will need, but on more days in colder weather and constantly wet conditions, a water-resistant parasite may stay moist. Obtaining a pant that surpasses better than a hardshell will operate, however, you’ll also need a set of trousers to toss to stop from becoming damp and chilly. You may wish to consider including some of the women’s rain pants if you’re planning on trekking or in wet conditions frequently.


Breathability is the thing that sets softshell and hardshell pants aside. Since the cloth of hardshell trousers isn’t penetrable, it is going to keep moisture can let you feel fuller and cold whenever your heart rate enhances, which may be extremely dangerous from the hills. Softshells let some airflow while providing wind and water resistance, so even in the event that you work up a sweat, the moisture may evaporate and you won’t grab that glow once you slow your speed.



The portion of the trousers that cover the very top of the trekking boot. It can be wrapped up to avoid snagging your forehead bottoms if walking through puddles or wet grass or massaging them.


The ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) is how well the substance protects against sunlight. The higher the rating, the UV is going to be consumed, protecting you.


The cut of these trousers and they fit around the waist. Low profile waists leave mass around the waist to be used with backpacks and harnesses.


That doesn’t permit for almost any water.


Which can repel water, but maybe not impenetrable to water.

Top Best Hiking Pants For Women Brands

Top Best Hiking Pants For Women Brands

Bestseller No. 2
Cycorld Women's-Hiking-Pants-Convertible Quick-Dry-Stretch-Lightweight Zip-Off Outdoor Pants with 5 Deep Pocket(Army Green, Medium
Cycorld Women's-Hiking-Pants-Convertible Quick-Dry-Stretch-Lightweight Zip-Off Outdoor Pants with 5 Deep Pocket(Army Green, Medium
Equipped with 5 pockets for your storage, keep your essentials close at hand.; Women hiking pants have adjustable waist help to fit your waist and define your shape.
Bestseller No. 3
Singbring Women's Athletic Hiking Cargo Joggers Pants Outdoor Workout Lightweight Quick Dry UPF 50 Zipper Pockets (AGreen88-M)
Singbring Women's Athletic Hiking Cargo Joggers Pants Outdoor Workout Lightweight Quick Dry UPF 50 Zipper Pockets (AGreen88-M)
Lightweight, breathable, slightly elastic, quick dry and super comfortable; Mid-rise, elastic wasitband with drawstring, stretchy ankle cuffs
SaleBestseller No. 9
Columbia Womens Saturday Trail Stretch Hiking Pants, Black, 14 US
Columbia Womens Saturday Trail Stretch Hiking Pants, Black, 14 US
Hips : Measure around the fullest part of your hips.; Omni-Shield Advanced Repellency; Omni-Shade UPF 50 Sun Protection.Roll-Up Legs Convert Pants to Capri

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1. The North Face Aphrodite 2.0 Pants

The North Face Aphrodite 2.0 Pants is incredibly comfortable and easy to move in, which makes them a fantastic choice for hiking or traveling. The fit is relaxed, yet flexible; those trousers feel and would look good on several body types. Our favorite thing about the Aphrodite trousers is that the drawcord included at every cuff. These drawcords permit you to use the trousers which means it is possible to adapt them to action your own style, and also the weather.

2. Mountain Hardwear Dynama Ankle Pants

The Mountain Hardwear Dynama Ankle Pants are a few. We love the Dynama Pants and have a minimum yet functional layout. We like that there are no zippers or buttons zippers and buttons can lead to spots underneath a stylish belt. The 1 drawback to these pants is they feel much less lasting compared to other trousers we analyzed, so they might not be the very best for thru-hikes or experiences which have a whole lot of butt-scooting down stones.

3. REI Co-op Sahara Convertible Pants

The REI Co-op Sahara Convertible Pants is equipped with a plethora of features for more hikers. The zippers on the leg’s face to help you easily convert into shorts without taking your shoes off as well as also the color-coded conversion zippers make it easy to convert to trousers. The incorporated belt at the waist helps dial in the fit of the pants and can be lighter than any belt you can add. We can not lie, we don’t adore convertible/cargo trousers since they’re busy and tight, and also the Saharas are no exception. Nevertheless, it is fairly difficult to discover any error in operation.

4. Columbia Saturday Trail Pants

The Columbia Saturday Trail Pants delivers excellent design. The fabric on these pants is breathable, making them a superb selection for warm weather hikes. Out of the roll-up trousers we analyzed, the Saturday Trails has that the design that is very best. Frequently we discover that roll-up pants do not roll to quite a beneficial height – normally somewhere just over the ankle bone. The Saturday Trail trousers snap up around mid-calf when wrapped along with the straps tuck neatly into a sewn-in the hood, providing a very clean look. The pockets aren’t loved by us – the thigh zipper pocket is items in the back of the leg and pockets are shallow.

5. Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants

The Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants is excellent for traveling or hiking and has a match that transitions well to track. We love the stretchy fabric lets you easily handle rock scrambles and fallen trees over the road without slowing your motion. The snap cords in the knees make it straightforward to accommodate these trousers to your action or the weather, but do not feel quite as durable as the breeze strings around the Aphrodite 2.0 Pants.

6. Columbia Anytime Outdoor Pull-On Pants

The Columbia Anytime Outdoor Pull-On Pants is the trousers on our listing, but they do not lack in fashion or function. These pants fit like relaxed leggings and they are fantastic for casual anglers who prefer to go directly from work to day-hiking. That is not to mention they would not be perfect to get a longer backpacking excursion too; they’re water-resistant, so easy to maneuver in, and extremely breathable. We do desire Columbia had comprised a drawstring or belt loops at the waist to help dial in the match better, however, the elastic is a lot stretchy and feels safe.

7. Prana Halle Pants

The Prana Halle Pants has a very classic look and match that would flatter a variety of body types. The cloth feels quite comfortable and the roomy match will readily accommodate a thick foundation layer bottom. The Halle trousers are among the lightest we analyzed, however, they do feel much more lasting than many and might work well in colder months for their thicker cloth. The roll-up length on those trousers is good – sitting just above mid-calf – nevertheless, the cloth is so thick the rolls look and feel heavy and knock together while trekking. The zippered leg pocket shops things in the front part of the thigh; it seems somewhat awkward and hastens movement when there are things in it.

8. REI Co-op Kornati Roll-Up Pants

The REI Co-op Kornati Roll Up Pants is exceptionally pliable and comfy. The belt can help you to dial in the match, and we enjoy the pocket arrangement. The roll-up feature sets the barbell right in the ankle bone favor a greater roll-up strap which keeps the barbell dry for water crossings which provide more of your leg a snap. The Kornatis can also be just a bit tight in the calf because of our liking – using a lot of material around the ankle leaves boulder scrambles and water crossings harder.

9. Patagonia Quandary Pants

The Patagonia Quandary Pants has a very classic look, and their relaxed fit makes them simple to go in. We like they feel much more lasting compared to other plants with this listing. The inner drawstring in the waist makes it effortless to adjust the match and can remove the need for a belt. The downside on these pants is the seam may lead to chafing and in the thigh rubs. The seam was not too uneasy when paired with a foundation coating, therefore the Quandary Pants may be a much better option for cold weather trekking.

10. KUHL Horizn Skinny Pants

The Kuhl Horizn Skinny Pants has a transition and a match to track well. We love how durable the fabric feels and the pockets are extremely practical. We believe these trousers are better suited to day hiking or fast overnight trips on account of how the slender fit makes it uncomfortable to wear foundation layers under them and they have a good deal of thick pits that might lead to chafing. For people who prefer to hit on the road in a subway park, these trousers are fantastic.

11. KUHL Spire Roll-Up Pants

The Kuhl Spire Roll Up Pants feels more durable than the trousers we analyzed. Kuhl employs exactly the identical nylon ribbon that is used for climbing harnesses, therefore that these trousers are made extra strong. We adore the height of this roll-up snap; it strikes about mid-calf and is very good for water crossings and temperature controller. We could not get over the fact that the substance is cotton, although the Spire trousers were good overall. Silk absorbs moisture (like perspiration!) And dries – it not the ideal option for hiking.

12. Arc’teryx Sabria Pants

The Arc’teryx Sabria Pants is super mild and has a match. We like that the pockets are concealed and Arc’teryx comprised an inner drawcord. Nevertheless, for trousers with such a top elastane material, they sure do not feel really stretchy – particularly not in the waist. The nylon creates a marginally bothersome swish noise when you walk which we found difficult to handle. They’re definitely the sleek looking and minimal pant we attempted, although the Sabria trousers come at a price.

13. Marmot Lobo’s Convertible Pants

We love the Marmot Lobo Pants offer you the choice to roll-up the thighs or convert to shorts. The Lobo’s trousers have a super soft waistband that’s comfortable underneath a stylish belt, along with the shorts have a lot nicer fit than other convertible pants we have tried. Nevertheless, we do not like that the seams are in the conversion zipper. They cause if you walk chafing which has been a deal-breaker for us.

14. REI Co-op Screeline Hybrid Pants

The REI Co-op Screeline Hybrid Pants feels very lasting and has a comfortable match that will feel fine on several different body types. Nevertheless, they’re a small baggy in the ankle for our preference, and also the cloth feels just a little heavy. We do not adore the pocket configuration – both rear pockets aren’t too helpful for hiking and front pockets are difficult to get with a stylish belt on. These pants will be helpful for excursions and for rugged experiences.


This really is worth the investment. With cloth made to repel water to keep you warm from the rain and extremely elastic material to keep you dry from perspiration, this pant is perfect in chilly weather. A pant drawstring cuff permits with this pant to roll-up in moist and hot weather to maintain your bottom’s dry and cool. A built-in buckle will give the woman a fit with no behind. And should you end up in early morning fog or dusky circumstances, the Arc’teryx emblem of the pant is reflective to allow your fellow trail mates to always know where you’re.


This is the place where a trekking pant’s purpose and the relaxation of a tight meet. The quick-drying FlashDry mesh material assembled within these tights is exceptionally immune to help regulate your body temperature on these days you actually get going. The elastane and FlashDry substance help wick moisture away from you, without sacrificing motion or comfort.

And that says you have to forfeit pockets to have a lightweight and fashionable? Not these pants! Along with getting two stable zip pockets, this hybrid vehicle also has two protected zip compression pockets on both surfaces of the thighs and 2 rear pockets. Replace your trekking boots along with your adorable party boots at the end of the afternoon, and this hybrid is prepared to hit the town!


The Chockstone pant is made out of a four-way stretch cloth, allowing for comfort and the very best fit. The excess stretch will also provide the relaxation and liberty of movement if you choose to rock climb along your own hike. Together with the stretchiness, these thigh slash pockets may hold a phone.

The extra feature of a removable buckle prevents any sagging around the waist and gives you the choice to take it away when you do not need it (therefore it will not get damaged from the wash, by way of instance ). And for wet and warm days, the ankle hem cinch-cord permits you to roll up these babies to keep them from becoming dirty and wet.


The North Face Wandur Hike pant is made for hiking as its name states. Designed with FlashDry cloth, moisture is going to be pushed into the surface, allowing for quick evaporation, which means you will not ever wind up cold or wet. With considerable pockets two angled hand pockets and one on the rear pocket, the thigh pocket on the thigh includes a Velcro closed, so it’s not hard to drop items in from the surface. The thigh pocket includes a reverse-coil zip, for safety for all those things you cannot possess falling out.


This pant will keep you moving on the hills, but also keep you comfy when hanging around in the camp. And as it’s so lightweight, it packs down so there’s absolutely no need to worry about it taking a whole lot of room in your backpack. This pant provides two zip cargo pockets on each side to protect your valuables.

Best suited to slightly curvier girls, this pant increases to a mid-waist, sitting just below the natural waist, also provides moderate curvature from the buttocks and thighs. With additional UPF 50+ sun protection and a water repellent material, you haven’t anything to be concerned about with these trousers!

20. Fjällräven Vidda Pro

On the lookout for a cargo pant that will handle the most rugged of experiences? The Vidda Pro may become your companion. These hiking pants are made with durable G-1000 cloth, and the knees and back provide more protection where you need it most.

To improve their water-resistant abilities, catch some eco-friendly Greenland Wax and use it around. These do not have any stretch, so you might need to size up (particularly in the event that you intend to layer beneath them). After hoping to conquer up them and usually trekking through circumstances, we have been impressed by how they withstood the test. So while they are an investment, it is well worth it for heavy-duty cargo trousers which may go the distance. Offered in short and regular lengths.

21. Cotopaxi Ara Joggers

After decades of rushing and running in tights, we are enjoying this new tendency of sweatpants. The Cotopaxi Ara Joggers is popular for long, daring runs at which bushwacking and scrambling up and down stones are all on the docket. They’re durable enough for abrasive stone and stretchy for moves that are precarious and measures.

For the last couple of months, among our testers has been wearing those on assignments from the wild Fiordland National Park in the southern tip of New Zealand. She is pleased to report those held during a month of wear and tear from the bush. Look no more, if you’re searching for a comfortable pant that will go with you everywhere.

22. REI Co-Op Screeline Technical Pant

On the lookout for protection and abrasion resistance? Have a look at this alternative from REI. Panels at knees and the waist permit simple movement, and the shoulder drawstrings to keep debris and dirt out. These trousers lack belt loops, which means you can not put them. For cinching necessary, However, the drawstring in the waist allows.

We paired those with underwear and wore them as-is during spring excursions. We have not analyzed through summer’s warmth but envision these could find a little hot. For mountain ascents and excursions these are a favorite.

23. Fjällräven Abisko Trekking Tights

We adore leggings (check our favorites ), but occasionally what works well in yoga course just can not resist the rigors of a multiday trek. We discovered these trekking-specific tights! Offering all the exact same comfort and stretch you have come to expect at a legging, Swedish manufacturer Fjällräven takes it a step farther, including reinforcement over the trunk and knees along with providing lots of gear-carrying pockets. A complete win.

24. Outdoor Research Women’s Cirque Pants

When it comes to clothes outdoor Research has always been among my favorites. These women’s hiking pants are a technical spin on the topic. These trousers blend of nylon, nylon, and spandex with a stretch-woven cloth. This makes them equally durable comfortable, forgiving, and moisture-wicking.

25. Exofficio Ladies’s Bugs Away Ziwa Convertible Pant

Exofficio makes some equipment for sports. I like that they retained the waist trim and slim using elastic and belt loops. However, it can be difficult to get it, when elastic Obtaining into trekking pants. They are sometimes uncomfortable, in which the pleats are around the surfaces of the trousers Since those backpack cool straps sit directly.

26. Columbia Sportswear Women’s Saturday Trail Pant

Columbia has always been my favorite brand for value to cost ratio. I believe you get with Columbia than any other clothing manufacturer. That is only 1 reason I enjoy these women’s hiking pants. They are also nylon with a dose of elastane for stretch. This makes them both comfortable and durable.

27. Mountain Hardwear Mirada Convertible Pant

Last is a group of women’s hiking pants. This company knows how to create great hiking trousers. I have switched off trekking pants for many years for my private preferred zip to them. The Miranda trousers are the only ones available in colors. There are 5 colors for you to choose from, all of the tones which produce hiking trousers that are excellent.

28. REI Co-op Taereen Pant trousers

Have a look at the REI Taereen if you’d like flattering pants which take you from a casual day at the office to the trailhead. For becoming a casual pair of hiking pants, our Best Award is won by them. They’re thicker than most and are not the most appropriate in hot weather that is hot Although the fabric breathes.

The leg prevents you from rolling out the hem high. It is sufficient to cool your ankles off. What slays us would be cut that is colorful and your fabric. It provides legs and bum’s lots of space as a sip at the waist holds them up to work. Since they’re out on the road, They’re as comfortable in the desk.

29. Fjallraven Abisko Trekking Tight

The Fjallraven Abisko Trekking Tights is flashy winning our Technical award. Constructed with slick fabric and reinforced in the knees and back, they modulate temperature nicely. Perfectly positioned pockets keep valuables and the broad and large waistband is comfortable. These pants run long and big.

Between some fabric bunching and double-thick seams across the stains, the Abiskos does feel strange at first. It is a little price to pay for trekking pants that may brush cactus spines off together with the best of these and feel just like tights and fades to the background around the road.

30. Patagonia Pack Out

If it comes to trekking tights, it can be challenging to get the correct balance between function and relaxation. The Patagonia Bundle to tilt towards relaxation, with sufficient work to help squeeze more trail-time in. They feature material that does not stretch out the cloth, pockets that are helpful, and very simple design. This mixture makes them a favorite among our testers, making the Best choice for Comfort Award to them. We are going to go to get an excuse to pull them. That which we do not love is how long they take to dry. As a result of this, they aren’t taken by us on adventures that are remote, but we love that they attract experience.

31. Marmot Kodachrome

Marmot Kodachrome hiking trousers and the light can continue day lifts that are sexy and gnarly. These trousers glow in hot weather. Cloth and securable roll-up hems cool you. The fabric and construction allow you to high-step, however, a non-elastic waistband can dig in if you sit down to get a bite. There’s not any drawstring to adjust the waist. The pockets do not carry else, or your telephone, easily. These are durable weather hikers that may work as office wear. That keeps you prepared to increase constantly also adds value.

32. Arc’teryx Gamma LT Pant

The Arc’teryx Gamma LT trousers stick out in our review. The substance has the best weather resistance and heat of almost any pant we analyzed, which makes them a superb alternative for months and hikes. Despite its own LT, lightweight, designation, these trousers are somewhat more significant than hiking pants. You may overheat in this set and there’s not any choice to convert them. They work well for many outdoor activities from rock climbing and move together. They sit under our climbing harness and have a increase. For climbs, the Gamma LT is a set and also our Picks for Wet Weather.


Locating the pair of hiking trousers is a matter of opinion. Everybody prefers different features and designs so make sure you go with your intuition.

If it is cheaper, it helps to have the ability to test on the trousers so look about for an outfitter where it’s possible to discover a setup and order them online.

By now you ought to have some concept about what features to look for and which to avoid. All you want to do is locate the trousers which seem just like your new favorite set up and go get yourself a fantastic pair to the season that is forthcoming!

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