Best Types of Water Shoes

best types of water shoes

If you are completely new to them, then know that water shoes are a special type of shoes made for both men and women, to be worn in a situation where your feet are very likely to become wet. This includes all the water-based activities you can think of. These shoes, in such situations, make sure to always protect your feet from water-based infections, provide you with comfort, and much more, making sure you don’t suffer during your adventures.

Hence, even if you might prefer a pair of sneakers for your water-based adventures, the best types of water shoes in such cases are always a better option. When buying water shoes, one seller that you can always trust and consider is water shoes from Nortiv8. What makes them stand apart from its competitors is that Nortiv8 specializes in adventure shoes. Be it water-based shoes or mountain shoes, they have it all. This makes them really good at what they make, and hence, you can be assured that their shoes will never let you down and provide superior protection to your feet.

Types of Water Shoes

Before we get started with highlighting some of the best water shoes in the market, let us first understand the 3 major types of water shoes and how they differ from each other.

Water Shoes

These are by far the most common type available in the market. They can be worn both while in water and on dry land as well, making them work similarly to your normal shoes, but are not suitable for an extended period due to their usually weak, and extremely flexible outsole material.

Water Socks

As the name suggests, these are similar to your regular socks and when worn, they give you an almost barefoot feeling. Due to how thin these shoes are, they are best suited for water activities like swimming and can also be worn with scuba gear.

Water Sandals

As the name suggests, these shoes look like your usual sandals, with a few extra additions that make them water shoes. When it comes to fast water drainage, these water shoes are the best. In addition, they are extremely comfortable, and can easily get rid of any sand that sticks to your feet or the shoe.

types of water shoes sandals

Some of the Best Water Shoes Available in the Market

With that said, here are different types of water shoes, that we think are some of the best options available in the market.

Comfortable Water Sandals

The comfortable water sandals are unique due to the large amounts of openings they provide, making sure these shoes expose the majority of your feet to fresh air. These water sandals are noticeably more comfortable than your usual everyday sandals, making them a must have, even if you don’t often engage in water-based activities. The hard outsole of these shoes is good enough to be worn as an everyday shoe, for an extended period of time, without having to worry about any foot pain or irritations from sweats or any other accidental spills.

Beach Water Socks

If you ever wanted to play on the beach or go neat the waters but felt like not to, just because you did not want to make your feet wet, you should definitely get a pair of beach water socks. These, as mentioned above are thin and light, and hence feel as if you are wearing socks. And they are really good at making sure no water enters your feet. They are made out of either lycra or neoprene, which are comfortable and irritation free to be worn continuously for a long period of time. These shoes are ideal for both beaches and swimming pools.

Quick Drying Water Shoes

Now, the quick dry water shoes are very similar to your normal water shoes, with the only advantage being their ability to drain water and dry your feet relatively faster, thanks to the large number of holes present on the shoe that help with the airflow. But sometimes, you will find some amount of water not dried up or sand stuck to your feet inside of your shoe. Though it might not be a big deal for many, in such situations of sand being stuck, you can easily end up with foot irritations or blisters unless you take your time to dry your feet on the spot. Hence, a good solution for such situations would be to wear these water shoes with the water socks that we mentioned above.

Water Boots

Though not that common, these shoes exist and serve one purpose that all the other shoes mentioned above don’t. Waterproof boots are the best in class when it comes to protecting your feet. They are usually made out of thick and sturdy fabrics and materials, and hence, you never have to worry about accidentally hurting your feet once you wear them. This, along with the added benefit of these shoes being able to drain water quite easily, is just an added bonus. These shoes are ideal in situations like hiking or mountain adventures on a rainy day where your usual water shoe might not provide you with enough grip and protection to withstand the day.

waterproof boots


In conclusion, when buying your water shoes, make sure you only buy them from a quality seller in order to avoid any unwanted accidents or sometimes even foot infections when in water. With that said, the best type of water shoe is the one that you are comfortable wearing for an extended period of time without having to constantly worry about your feet. And when buying your water shoe, make sure you check your specific purpose and buy a shoe that is made only for that purpose.

Water shoes have many benefits and come in handy in water-based adventure activities. They save so much headache that once you know about these shoes, you will definitely want to buy a pair for your next adventure. But if you have no idea where to start, read this article about the different types of water shoes and some of our recommendations for water shoes on the market.

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