Firearm Maintenance and Care Tips to Know Before You Head Out on Your Next Hunting Expedition

firearm maintenance and care tips to know before you head out on your next hunting expedition

As hunting season gets closer, you may want to start getting ready for it. There is specific equipment and tools that you require as a hunter, with one of the most important items being your firearm. Amateur hunters may not be aware that their gun needs to be properly maintained and cared for, not only during hunting season but also throughout the year. If you just leave your firearm without appropriate care, chances are it may not work as effectively as expected.

A vital part of getting ready for your next hunting expedition is to clean your firearm. Over time, handguns may develop build-up and rust, which can significantly damage them. Effective and consistent cleaning and maintenance of your gun can help preserve all the moving parts inside it, prevent it from jamming when you use it, and ensure you can continue using it for as long as possible.

Prepare Your Space to Clean Your Firearm

One of the most important things to do to ensure that your firearm is well maintained is to clean it properly. Ideally, you should do this after every use, as well as occasionally between uses.

To achieve this, unload your firearm and choose an area that is well ventilated, preferably outside or in an open space. Make sure you prepare the area properly – have a mat to protect the surface before you start your work and ensure that you have enough space.

Once you have prepared the area, be sure to gather your cleaning supplies. You may be inclined to grab any products from your cleaning cupboard, but you should know that this will probably do more damage than good. There are cleaning products specially developed for guns, and you should stick to these.

Store Your Firearm Appropriately

Not many people are aware of the importance of storing your firearm appropriately. Evidently, storing them away and locking them is crucial to ensure safety, and this should always be a priority. However, leaving your guns in a cupboard may not be ideal, particularly if you own a few.

Investing in gun socks is a smart move to ensure that your firearm is protected. It is recommended you view this guide to the best gun socks so that you have an idea of which ones are more suitable for you and your needs. There are many benefits to using gun socks as they will prevent the firearm from getting in contact with moisture and developing rust. They will also protect firearms from rubbing on each other so that you can put them away together without worrying about any potential damage. 

Prepare Your Firearm

Before you head out on your next hunting expedition, you will need to make sure that all is well with your firearm before you use it. The last thing you want is to find out that your gun is damaged and you cannot use it properly in the middle of hunting.

First, confirm that the gun is not loaded and that the chamber is clear, and wrack the bolt back continuously. This helps to increase and spread lubrication and to make sure that all is working effectively. 

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Take Care of Your Gun Whilst Hunting

As a hunter, your firearm should be your most prized possession. Looking after your gun is not only required when it is time to put it away, but also as you are using it. Make sure to never leave your firearm unattended – not only does it risk being damaged, but there may be people around who can get hurt.

Additionally, if your hunting season usually happens when it is cold and rainy, it may be difficult to keep your firearm completely dry, but you should dry it as soon as you return home.

Invest in Firearm Insurance

You may spend a lot of time taking care of your firearm and ensuring that it is maintained properly – however, this does not automatically mean that nothing will ever happen to it. There are many ways firearms can be damaged, and some of them are out of your control, such as a natural disaster. Due to this, some individuals opt to invest in insurance to protect their guns.

There are many companies that offer insurance specifically designed for this, however, if you already have home insurance, it may be worth checking if this already covers firearms. As you can imagine, every insurance provider may offer different deals for different costs, therefore make sure to look at a variety before investing in one.


Proper maintenance of your hunting firearm is fundamental to be able to keep using it without any problems or hassle during hunting season. This page will provide you with a clear idea of how to adequately maintain and care for your firearm before you head out on your next hunting expedition.

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