7 Amazing Tips for Planning the Ultimate Outdoor Bachelor Party

6 Amazing Tips for Planning the Ultimate Outdoor Bachelor Party

Hollywood movies like The Hangover trilogy give an exaggerated version of bachelor parties being all about spending bucketloads of money in Las Vegas casinos, drinking till you’re flat out, or visiting strip clubs. Well, the modern groom is sophisticated, and such cliched bachelor parties may no longer do the trick for him!

It is high time that as a best man to your friend, you realize that you need to plan your bachelor party in a better way. This article is all about how to organize an exciting bachelor party for the discerning groom of today. Below, we will share with you six amazing and unique tips for planning the ultimate outdoor bachelor party for your friend.

1. Choose Unconventional Destinations

Instead of selecting the usual bachelor party destinations, like Las Vegas, Amsterdam, or Miami, try a different party destination that your friend has never explored before. For example, try Valparaiso in Chile: it is known for its hipster crowd and has a vibrant nightlife, with cool bars giving you panoramic views of the Bay. There, you and your friends can enjoy the Chilean wine along with the exquisite Chilean cuisine.

Similarly, you could surprise your buddy by throwing a surf bachelor party in Mancora, Peru. This small beach town attracts party surfers and, at the same time, gives travelers a peaceful beachside experience. To make your party light up at night, try vaping. Use the best nic salts brands to try for a long-lasting high.

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2. Plan for an Adrenaline Rush

Apart from choosing an unconventional destination, you can also plan for an adventurous experience. For instance, why not try a skydiving experience in Hawaii? It will create a memorable experience, and your whole gang will love this thrilling experience diving 18000ft above the ground.

If skydiving is not your thing, try white water rafting in the rapids of Colorado. Being an energy-intensive team activity, rafting will enable the boys to strengthen their bond before your friend takes the vows of marriage.

Finally, if you guys do not have faint hearts, another exciting option is scuba diving with sharks. Snappa Charters in Rhode Island conducts shark cage diving to guarantee you and your friends an exhilarating experience.

3. Throw a Pool Party

Pool parties are always a good idea for almost every occasion. You can also invite the girls and have the combined Jack and Jill party. To throw a perfect pool party, you will need a buffet table with lots of sweets, snacks, and drinks. You’ll also need some decorations, for example, faux palm trees, balloons or candles, and beautiful lighting for the evening look. Consider also a couple of unique floats for a pool to have a trendier party. For example, sit and floats or pool hammocks will provide a cooler view.

You can even opt for an inflatable beer pong table to play the famous beer game while in the pool. Think of any creative idea and turn it into reality.

4. Get the Right Party Food

group party meal

One of the most significant expenses and wastes at a party is food. If you are a small group, you can think of reserving a fine dining restaurant in the downtown area. However, if you have a large group of, say, more than ten people, booking a fancy restaurant will be risky, as your friends might end up ordering expensive stuff and you risk sabotaging the restaurant with your party and experiencing slow service.

Instead, order takeaway food and organize the party at home. Confirm the number of attendees in advance so that you do not end up ordering too much or too little. An effective way of confirming the headcount is by calling people individually to check they’re attending, and you can take down any dietary restrictions at the same time.

5. Include Out-of-the-Box Experiences

To increase your gang’s bonding experience, it is a great idea to plan themed getaways where you all could learn something new and engage in team activities. Planning a beer brew learning trip is one such idea. Try the Beginners Special brewing workshop at the Flying Barrell. It is approximately a full day’s event where you can learn how to brew and meet other brewers. Alternatively, you can also order home-brew kits and do DIY brewing.

Apart from brewing, you can plan a barbeque-themed trip. Plan a vacation at the BBQ University, where you and your friends can learn to cook and taste different kinds of barbeque, starting from Argentinian grill to Korean style. This trip can turn into an absolute feasting delight.

6. Go on a Cross-Country Road Trip

No bachelor party is complete without a long road trip across the States. The US has no shortage of iconic highways. Choose the one that most suits the interests of the groom and hit the road. The Men’s Health magazine recommends some scenic routes for a road trip. There is Route 66 that gives a glimpse of the Grand Canyon, a taste of downtown Los Angeles, and takes in the beautiful cornfields of Springfield, Illinois.

If your gang is more into natural landscapes, take the Pacific Coast Highway for breathtaking ocean views and some great trekking and US camping spots along the way. Spice up your road trip with a curated playlist containing your gang’s favorite childhood rock music. You can also rent an RV to save on your camping costs throughout the road trip.

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7. Set Your Party Budget

With all the pointers mentioned above, expenses can overshoot if you do not have an eye on your partying budget. The first step to keep the costs under control is to identify the groom’s preferences. For example, booking an expensive nightclub is of no use if the groom does not like loud music. Similarly, if the groom hates strippers, you can save on the costs of booking expensive strippers.

Furthermore, divide your budget into separate buckets, e.g. a venue bucket to allocate a budget for a fancy restaurant or a barbeque party, etc. Similarly, a travel bucket should include your road trip expenses or booking-a-limo costs. Finally, set aside a separate bucket for booking accommodation.


We hope that the above tips will help you to throw a fantastic bachelor party for your best mate. There are dozens of other ideas out there, but remember, it is the D day for your groom-to-be, and hence you should strive to keep his interests in mind when planning the ultimate outdoor bachelor party for him and his friends.

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