Best Local Food in Singapore

best local food in singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s largest multicultural countries, an island where ancient and diverse cultures meet and merge to form a distinctive Singaporean culture. At the same time, there are plenty of attractions for every potential visitor. Sampling the local food is one of the most wonderful things to do while travelling, and any trip to Singapore without tasting traditional food would be truly incomplete. The Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Peranakan cultures have gifted Singapore with many cuisines, and all sorts of delicacies are prepared here. Below, we list some of the top dishes that represent the best local food in Singapore. Foodies and culinary explorers should definitely try these specialties when visiting the island nation.

Nasi Ayam Penyet

This yummy dish involves sliced chicken served with rice. The chicken is fried and then chopped, and is then served on a full plate with slices of cucumber, tomato, and vegetables, as well as a unique and highly aromatic red pepper paste. Semolina needs to be mixed with local Asian lemon peppers for great flavor. It sounds like a fairly simple dish, but its flavors are likely to keep you coming back for more.

Roti Prata

This is an Indian pancake-like pastry that has become trendy in Singapore. It looks like a drawstring-wrapped bag but has a tighter texture. It is simmered and kneaded by hand, and like a pizza, it turns into a circle and is constantly poured into the air. The dough is then spread in a circular motion in a flat and greased frying pan until it boils slightly. With a soft and delicate texture, this delicacy can be eaten with vegetable or meat juices. Try one of the best at Sin Ming Roti Prata (Block 24, No. 01-51, Sin Ming Road).

roti prata singapore


Although these types of fresh spring rolls originate from China, Singaporeans have also mastered the art and make delicious popiah. The bun consists of a thin packet of flour with a thin layer of sweet chili sauce and a few chopped nuts, a slice of fresh lettuce, a good serving of chopped beets sprouts, bean and crab curd, and shrimp pieces under the roof. Add a few pieces of fish well rolled, and voila! You have fresh, light, and tasty Popiah, which are also healthy. The perfect popiah can be enjoyed at Kway Guan Huat (located at 95 Joo Chiat Road), which has been serving the best handmade popiah on the island since 1938.


The name of this dish commonly found in Indonesia and Malaysia as well as Singapore, “rojak,” means a mixture of several ingredients. There are Indian, Indonesian, and Chinese rojak in Singapore. Indian rojak generally refers to the Muslim Indian diet of various vegetables, bean curd, fried dough, and seafood with a delicious and sweet peanut sauce.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

As a local favorite, it is considered a national dish by many food critics. You can choose your fried chicken to be steamed or grilled with rice cooked in chicken and garlic juice. Add a slice of paprika sauce and dark soy sauce for a delicious and filling chicken rice preparation.


Although there are many varieties of this food in Malaysia, the Singaporean version has its roots in the Peranakan community. Rice noodles are cooked in a spicy coconut broth and sprinkled with shrimp, cottage cheese, and chicken. A very plentiful and flavorful dish that will delight your taste buds.

Wanton Mee

This noodle dish is influenced by Hong Kong cuisine but has become part of Singaporean culture over time. In Singapore, it is eaten dry, with pieces of pork and meatballs and a little soup that can be either spicy or mild. In the spicy version, red pepper is mixed in, while the non-spicy version contains tomato sauce instead.


This peanut-flavored meal can include chicken, beef, lamb, pork, or prawns. The meat or seafood is cut into small pieces with spices, cooked in the oven, and served with small nut seeds. For the best satay taste in Singapore, head to the Lau Pa Sat Festival Market at 18 Raffles Pier. In the evenings, when parts of the street are closed, they have a great selection of freshly grilled satay meat skewers.

satay skewers

Fried Carrot Cake

This is not quite the same thing as western carrot cake; in fact, far from it! The Singaporean version consists of eggs, white radish flour pie, and radish (teapots) added to the dish. This dish is also popular in Malaysia, but varieties include a black version that contains a sweet sauce (molasses). The chopped version has a single radish cake cube. The crunchy version has a pie that is fried over a beaten egg to get the cake pieces and crust.

Gong Bao Chicken

This is unquestionably one of the best Chinese foods in Singapore. Originally from southwestern China, this dish mainly consists of chicken fried with garlic, ginger, orange juice, sugar, cornstarch, and chicken broth. When serving, season with salt and pepper.

Fried Shrimp with Cashew Nuts

If you want to enjoy nutritious and delicious Chinese food, try the fried cashew prawns found in good Chinese restaurants around the country. Almonds are fried until golden yellow and served with soft shrimps dipped in different types of flour. The dish is usually neatly laid out on a plate, and when you put it on the table, is served looking like an eye.


Singapore is a world-class and international foodie paradise. In fact, it is considered by some to be the food capital of the world. Food is a national obsession, and it is widespread and bountiful in the country. Singapore is a land of diverse cuisines, which makes it a multicultural culinary heaven for travelers. The traditional local food is fantastic and includes meat, seafood, and vegetarian specialties, so that there is something to please everyone. It is said that your trip to Singapore will not be complete until you taste all of the best local food in Singapore. For this and more information you can visit the Cathay Pacific website.

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