How Your Ski Lodge’s Energy Provider Is Affecting Their Tariffs

How Your Ski Lodges Energy Provider Is Affecting Their Tariffs

The rise in energy prices in many parts of the world has caused concerns that some ski resorts would not be able to open for the winter season. Ski resorts and lodges consume considerable energy to operate ski lifts, make artificial snow, work piste bashers, and heat their lodges and resorts in subzero temperatures.

Resorts and ski lodges throughout Europe are looking for ways to reduce energy use, and ski lodges can reduce their costs by switching energy providers. Switching to a new energy provider can save your business money. A comparison site or an energy broker like Utility Bidder can help you find the best deal possible. 

What factors come into play when it comes to the energy costs of your ski lodge? This article will examine the factors affecting your energy costs and how to reduce them.

Factors Affecting Your Energy Tariffs

To reduce the costs of running your ski resort, it is important to understand the factors that are having an impact on the rising costs. 

Your Energy Supplier

If you want to save money, look at what rate you are on with your current supplier. The type of energy supplied to your business can also affect the amount you are paying. Choosing the right energy source for your business can be challenging, but it also helps you reduce costs. 

Check with your energy supplier which energy plan you are on. The Energy Networks Association postcode search tool can help you find your supplier if you are unsure who it is.

When your business energy contract ends, it’s worth comparing different tariffs to find one that suits your needs. The best deals might not be available if you want to switch to save money. The reason for this is that there aren’t a lot of energy suppliers offering good deals right now due to the energy crisis. However, an energy broker, such as Utility Bidder, or a comparison site, can help you find a supplier who promises to offer a good deal and help you lock it in.

The Weather

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Weather can have an impact on the electricity rates of your business, although it may seem odd. Large storms or severe weather may have caused power outages at your ski lodge, and there is damage to power lines and distribution systems resulting from atmospheric conditions.

A one-time event does not pose as much of a problem; however, prolonged destructive weathering can lead to massive costs for business energy suppliers. Commercial electricity rates can also rise as you are likely to consume more electricity in extreme temperatures.

It is common for ski lodges and resorts to turn on the heating to keep their guests warm during the cold season. To minimise the effects of peak winter temperatures, it’s worth taking a closer look at energy efficiency tips ahead of time.

Weather can, however, have a positive impact on some situations. Hydropower stations can generate more power when it rains or snows a lot.

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The Size of Your Ski Lodge

The size of your ski lodge largely determines energy costs. The energy bills of large businesses are typically higher than those of smaller businesses because larger enterprises use more energy. In the case of small businesses, you can benefit from government programs that offer incentives for becoming more energy efficient.

Your Business Type

Your energy costs are also affected by the type of business you operate. Because ski lodges and resorts use a lot of machinery that requires a lot of energy, they often have higher electricity bills. Almost without exception, most of the electricity used for slope services is consumed by lifts, lighting, and snowmaking.

Consider reducing your energy consumption if your business is in an industry known for high energy consumption. Business owners looking to become more energy efficient can take advantage of several government programs and private initiatives.

Energy Efficiency Can Help Reduce Costs

Ski lodges can reduce energy bills in many ways by making changes. Businesses can significantly reduce their energy usage and bottom line by upgrading to energy-efficient equipment and investing in solar panels. 

Additionally, partnering with a company specialising in reducing energy costs can help identify additional savings opportunities. Taking steps to reduce your business’s energy bills is easy now that you have many options available.

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Final Thoughts

A business’s profitability can be significantly affected by the cost of energy. Many factors influence how much your ski resort pays for electricity each month or year, both internal and external. These factors can assist businesses in planning long-term expenses and budgeting for monthly electric bills. By doing so, your ski lodge can make better energy-related decisions.

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