Top 5 Thrilling Places Near Toronto for the Perfect Road Trip

Top 5 thrilling places near Toronto for the perfect road trip

When you think of summer, nothing quite does it like a fun road trip with your friends or family. Every once in a while, everyone gets the undeniable urge to get in a car and drive off into the sunset.

While this scenario is not always applicable in real life, you can partially fulfill this dream by going on a fun road trip, even if it’s just for a few hours.

Toronto is already a fun place to be, but if you want the whole Canadian holiday experience, you can visit many other exciting places near Toronto.

This guide will discuss some of the go-to places near Toronto for the perfect road trip, which are just a few hours away.

Port Hope

If you are looking for peace and quiet, Port Hope is the best place you can visit, just 100 kilometers away from Toronto. It’s a different vibe from what you might be used to in Toronto because there’s no hustle and bustle; everything at Port Hope is peaceful and serene.

It’s the best place to get away if you want some alone time or to spend quality time with your significant other.

You can swing by the Lake Ontario shore and take in the sound of the waves as you walk along the shore, visit antique shops and tour the town, which is filled with historical landmarks and buildings which all tell an exciting story of Port Hope.

One of the places you must visit when you’re here is the famous Olympus Burger place which is notorious for its giant burgers. Perhaps you have wanted to go on a weekend trip before, but you do not have a suitable car. It is not always possible to buy two new cars, one for city trips and one for traveling. In such cases, online used car sites like this one come to the rescue.

Port Hope Canada

Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County is a romantic getaway location for anyone looking for that experience. This place is about 200 kilometers away from Toronto and should take about 2 to 3 hours by road to reach here.

You can plan romantic evenings at fine dining restaurants, eating some of the most delicious cuisines and getting drunk on some of the most exclusive wines. It’s the perfect escape for the old romantic soul in you.

You can visit art galleries, wineries, and souvenir shops, stay a night in small cottages or book a stay at the Drake Devonshire if you want a more luxurious experience.

The location overlooks the waterfront, giving you that beautiful scenic view, or you can get closer to the action and get on the Glenora Ferry for a nice cruise in the cool afternoon breeze.

If you are planning an amorous escapade, Prince Edward County is the place to be.

Niagara Falls

You cannot plan a Canadian trip without visiting Niagara Falls. Contrary to the popular belief that there’s absolutely nothing else to do in this location except watch the waterfall, that couldn’t be more wrong. There are a ton of fun things to do in Niagara Falls.

While most people who have visited the Falls know of the usual Maid of the Mist, many people are unaware that you can physically go behind the waterfall and look at the view from the other side.

You can even visit the arcade at the Clifton Hills and check out world-famous museums nearby, such as Ripley’s Believe It or Not a museum or even the Upper Canada Cheese Company, which are all fun and unique places that you cannot miss out on.

If you’re lucky and happen to visit Niagara Falls during winter, the entire lake is frozen, and the view is out of this world! On other days, you can even take a boat ride across the lake where the waterfall ends and experience the mighty roaring water splashing on the surface in close proximity.

Niagara Falls is about 120 kilometers away from Toronto, so it will take about 2 hours to reach your destination.

places near toronto for perfect road trip niagara falls


Just 47 minutes away from Toronto is the town of Caledon. This is the perfect place to visit if you’re craving some time away from the city’s noise. It is a quaint town with little to do, so you can take a quick breather, unwind and get some mental peace when you’re here.

If you’re in the mood to explore, you can head to the Belfountain Conservation Area, a gorgeous park with a suspension bridge and a fountain. This hidden gem looks like a scene straight out of a movie. You can take some nice pictures here.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can visit the Alton Mills Art Centre, where you can check out some local artwork or even visit their farmer’s market to check out their local produce.

All in all, it is a charming little town that feels like a great escape, although you’re still close to home.

Kingston and the Thousand Islands

If you’re dreaming of an escape a little further away from Toronto, you can visit Kingston and the Thousand Islands, located about 4 hours away from Toronto. Kingston is the city that borders Thousand Islands. This city is filled with adventures and experiences.

They have tons of quirky museums, old architectural structures, and shallow sand beaches, which are perfect for a day of relaxing on the beach or even going fishing.

Along the St Lawrence River are the Thousand Islands on the borders of the United States and Canada. You can take a ferry to Wolffe Island or a cruise through the Thousand Islands.

When you’re here, make sure to visit Boldt Castle. It is a historic landmark with an interesting story about the millionaire George Boldt, who commissioned the castle building during the 70s but unfortunately, it was never completed. However, the locals have come together to help finish the construction of the building with the help of the revenue from visitors’ tickets.

It feels like a step into a different world because the place is filled with picturesque little buildings and castles with the backdrop of stunning sceneries that will blow your mind away.

Boldt Castle Thousand Islands exciting places to visit near Toronto Canada


As you can see, Toronto has no shortage of fun road trips that are entirely doable within a few hours. Because the city is considered the best of both worlds, the surrounding areas also give the same vibe – you can have the adventure of a lifetime or a quiet escape from the realities of the best city life.

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