9 Beautiful Camping Locations in Canada

9 beautiful camping locations in Canada

Canada is a country full of amazing places to go camping. While many people think of Canada as being extremely cold, in the summer the temperatures in the lower provinces, such as Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, can often reach 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees celsius) in the daytime. There’s a range of beautiful countryside to enjoy, whether you want to camp amongst the Rocky Mountains of B.C. and Alberta or in the fields of Ontario and Quebec. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the most beautiful camping locations in Canada.

Kiwanis Oceanfront Camping, New Brunswick

The first location on our list is found in the eastern province of New Brunswick, just a ten-minute walk from the town of St Andrews by-the-Sea. This amazing campsite offers a terrific sea view, as campers can look across the magnificent Passamaquoddy Bay, or, if you’d prefer, you can enjoy a view of the nearby woods. There’s plenty to do nearby, such as golfing, kayaking, whale watching, and hiking. The campsite has ample facilities on site, including hot water showers and a kitchen shelter, as well as recreational facilities such as bike trails and a playground.

Thomas Raddall Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

‌A two-hour drive from Nova Scotia’s largest city, Halifax, Thomas Raddall Provincial Park offers an escape from city life and the chance to enjoy living under the stars. While the park may only be 6.5 km2 it’s packed full of activities that will keep you busy for days, such as kayaking, hiking, biking, and much more! There are even some secluded beaches where you can enjoy private views of the province’s stunning coastline. The park offers a restroom with a shower, as well as drinking water available from taps located throughout the campground.

Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

When most people think of camping in Alberta, they think of camping in Banff by the Rocky Mountains, but in doing so they overlook the beautiful Waterton Lakes National Park. This park is full of stunning waterways and gorgeous vistas, as well as plenty of trails to explore and mountains to hike. There are a total of ten backcountry campgrounds in the park, all of which are accessible by hiking trails. As these campsites are much more remote, there are fewer facilities to take advantage of, but those partaking in winter camping are supplied with firewood to build campfires in the provided fire rings.

Forillon National Park, Québec

Forillon National Park is home to arguably some of the best camping you can find in Quebec. Most famous for being the first national park in the province, Forillon has several exciting activities available for you to enjoy, such as whale watching, hiking, and bike riding. Not only does this location offer plenty to do, but it’s also home to some breathtaking views. You can see where the St Lawrence river meets the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy the sunset from one of the many tall cliffs found along the coastline. There are plenty of facilities available in the park, such as coin laundry, powered sites, and dumping stations, to name a few.

Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, British Columbia

‌On the southwest coast of Vancouver Island, you’ll find the beautiful Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. The park offers a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean as well as many other fantastic viewing points along the 47km Marine Trail. The park comprises four primary areas, the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, the Botanical Beach, the China Beach Campground, and the China Beach day area. At the east end of the park, you’ll find the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, which is perfect for biking and hiking, and on the west end of the park, you’ll find the Botanical Beach – an ideal location for marine wildlife viewing.

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

‌In Canada’s easternmost province, you’ll find Gros Morne National Park, one of the best places to view fjords outside of New Zealand or Norway. The park is just a short, half-hour drive from Deer Lake, giving you easy access to some of the best scenery in the province. The 1850 km2 is full of rugged cliffs, intimidating summits, and coastal trails that will keep hikers happy for hours. There are a total of 236 campsites across five campgrounds, although only three of the five campgrounds offer electrical hookups.

Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

camping tent in Grasslands National Park Saskatchewan Canada

If you’re looking for backcountry camping, there aren’t many places better than the prairies of Saskatchewan, specifically the Grasslands National Park. The park is located close to the US border, around a two-hour drive from the closest major city, Swift Current. The park is full of fantastic views of the prairies and badlands of Saskatchewan and offers plenty of activities such as hiking, kayaking, and wildlife watching. As this is backcountry camping, there are little to no facilities on site, so make sure you come prepared before setting off!

Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario

‌Located just three hours from the metropolitan city of Toronto, Algonquin Provincial Park gives you an unfiltered view of the other side of Ontario, the one filled with beautiful scenery, stunning lakes, and vibrant forests. The park is full of things to do, such as canoeing, fishing, and biking along one of the many dedicated bike trails. You could spend weeks exploring the park and not see all of it, but when you’re ready to turn in for the day, there are plenty of campsites to choose from, all varying in size and the services they offer.

Banff National Park, Alberta

Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park is one of the most idyllic places to go camping in all of Canada. It is filled top to bottom with fantastic views, whether you’re taking in the breathtaking view of the park from atop one of the many mountains or admiring the gorgeous Lake Louise from the water’s edge. There’s also plenty to do in the park, with all the classic camping activities such as hiking and wildlife watching, as well as mountain-specific activities such as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. There are nearly a dozen campsites to choose from, with many offering full RV hookups, showers, and flushing toilets.

beautiful camping locations in Canada Banff National Park Alberta lake mountains canoes


While Canada may be famous for its beautiful camping locations, like the ones we’ve mentioned in this list, that’s not all it’s known for. It’s also known for its sports, such as ice hockey, entertaining games like blackjack at Live Casino in Canada, and iconic Canadian foods, such as maple syrup and poutine. The point is, there’s lots more to Canada than the scenery, so make sure you enjoy everything it has to offer when you visit!

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